Beginners Should Not Charge For Tarot Readings – I Can Explain!

Disclaimer: This is just my personal opinion. This is my personal statement, and I am backing up my statement with reasons why. I ask that you hear me out, and if you still disagree to let me know in the comments below. Also note that I am specifically talking about readers who have started reading recently, or have only dabbled but never really practiced.

When someone is looking to get a reading, there can be a lot going on there. They could be needing advice, in a difficult time, looking for healing, or just thought it would be fun. However, as a reader, you don’t know the reason until the cards are drawn unless you have discussed the matter prior. For many people, getting a reading is such a healing experience and can completely change their lives.

So, if you are a beginner, and you are charging money, chances are that you will eventually come across someone who is in this state. As a beginner, I know how exciting it can be to read for someone- let alone make a buck out of it. However, we need to understand that while it is all fun for us, we are messing with someone else’s livelihood. “I don’t get it, it’s just a reading!” Let me paint a picture for you.

I go to a reader and I sit down, telling them that I am stressed and need some advice in general. Everything is chaotic and I have no clue where to start. Even if the reader tells me that they are new at this- if I am giving them money, I will expect good service. I will expect service I can rely on. So, the cards pulled are the Six of Swords, Ace of Cups, Three of Cups, and the Devil. They look at the cards and tell me the basic information of the cards that they know. “Things are settling down now because of a new relationship being formed because of something in the past, but you will fall into temptation from this relationship so you need to avoid this false sense of security.”

That is all good advice, right? However, the new reader who also knows the situation, did not at all connect the fact that the devil and six of swords appearing in the same reading could indicate that the temptation the devil represents could be what I am escaping. It could be the root of my problem now, not what I could face later. Now, instead of forming the new relationships to gather support, I am going to be careful of who I interact with and might even isolate myself. This is not even going into if the reader is telling me that those who are close to me-who could very much help me- are going to cause me more suffering.

But Crescent, not everyone reads the same!” That is an amazing and well-put point. However, the thing you need to understand is that even if the reader discloses the fact they are only beginning, what they say will leave a mark even if the Querent knows the reader can be wrong. If a reader told me that someone in my family who I love dearly could potentially make life even more difficult for me even if unintentional, I will become weary around said person even if they are wrong. Even if I don’t mean to. Eventually, the distance I put between me and that member will cause us to drift apart.

Also, how is the message delivered? Does the new reader know how to relay the message properly? The thing when working with other people is that we are not textbooks- we are complex individuals. As a reader, it is our responsibility to understand that and treat each Querent and situation and such. An example is as a therapist, you have the DSM to follow for diagnosis, yet you know that each client is different and therefore even if ten clients fall under the same diagnosis, the treatment plan is different. In my opinion, it should very much be the same with readings.

If you are not confident in your own ability, you should not be charging- period. I know very little of computers, I would never charge anyone anything to ‘fix’ their laptop or anything of the sort. I know little about plumbing, I would never charge anyone to go check out their sink. I know little about medical care, I would never charge anyone to give my advice on how to help a symptom they have. If you know little about divination, you should not charge for your services.

I am not saying to never charge for your services. In fact, what I suggest is that after practicing on yourself, to do some free readings for friends, family, coworkers, your pet, anything. Get the practice. Once you build up your confidence, and you get your reviews and you better your practice, I would then consider charging after intense research on the laws of where you are. Eventually, you will get there. I am not saying this to crush any new reader’s dreams. I am not saying you need to read tarot for years before you can charge. All I ask is to give yourself way more than a week with a deck. I say over a month to study the cards, practice on yourself, your pet, plants, friends, and then after a while, you can then consider charging. In This Post I talk about pricing your readings (spoiler alert, don’t expect to charge $30 when you’re starting out)

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