Fortune Friday

Wow, what? Another Fortune Friday? Of course! I apologize for not getting it up earlier, but note that these readings are timeless so it should not matter too much when you see this. Manifestation Mondays basically helps us manifest the best week there is to have by knowing what is to come early so we can tackle it and work on it before it can affect us negatively, or so we know to have confidence as things seem to be going well already so might as well put our best foot forward!

With Fortune Friday, we will be talking about what we have no control over, and how to react to these circumstances we have no control over. This means that even if we cannot stop the situation from happening, we can stop it from creating an impression we do not like. That being said- let’s dive in!

You see, because I am a professional and learned how to do the “read more” function on WordPress, I am going to do a “pick a pile” type of thing. I will place an image with the three piles, and all you need to do is wait to feel a pull to one, two, or all piles. Once you are ready, you can proceed to the reading below the cut! Maybe comment below which one you have gotten!

Group One

My Number Ones, this week is all about balance. Right now, there is a huge emphasis on your mental state. Not because you need to work on the mental aspect of things, but because right now is the time to use it for your advantage (or maybe you need to work on your mental state to get it to work in your favor.) which can be really scary yet exciting at the same time. The way I suggest going about this is creating a gratitude journal and write in it as if you are grateful for things you already have, even if it is in the future (but, I promise, near future!) However, for it to work you must truly believe you have it. It is yours. It will come. You need to accept that.

Number ones, forget wishful thinking. Scrap it, cross it out, burn it, I don’t care. Remove it from your vocabulary. No more of that. We are manifesting and that is how it is. How will we do that? Allowing ourselves to give and take easily. Allow the blessings to flush through but work for it. Show you are worth it. The universe loves to help, but hates when we are expecting everything to be handed to us. Take steps toward the goal and the goal will take steps towards you.

Group Two

Aw, Number Twos! Things are going so well! I can see that you are in a good place, and I see a lot of abundance coming your way. I do not necessarily mean financial abundance, even if it could be. There are so many other ways that abundance can enter your life. I, however, do see it coming in as relationships- especially to do with the past. Could there be a gathering soon? That might be it. Maybe reach out. The point is, I also see a lot of support being given and received. In my mind I keep hearing rest, so I am taking it as a sign that you, my Number Twos, need to slow down and live in the moment. What is the point in all of this succeeding if you got nobody to share it with?

You may be thinking “so what do I do next?” As much as I want to hold off so you can focus more on resting and living in the moment, we both know that is not going to happen with me holding back like that. The truth is, your next step really is to find a way to settle and find security in your situation. This is where the connections can help. I am not saying to use them, but their love and support will make the stress that much more easier to tolerate. Take a deep breath and rest, but while resting there is no harm by preparing (and I do mean prepare, not start) organizing and figuring out the security you need and deserve. Emotionally, physically, and mentally. Even financially.

Group Three

Number Threes, let’s sit and talk. Really, just want to chat. How are you? Is everything good? I really hope so! You deserve some good news, and you are getting it. Things are really looking up for you, and you should know that I am proud of you. I felt that it was something you needed to hear. I want you to receive the love you are getting and to stop deflecting it. Embrace the emotions you feel, and listen to what they say. Sure, add some logic in the mix, but do not be so afraid to feel. Trust me, it will make things so much better once you realize all the love around you and embrace it.

You try to isolate yourself, but at what cost? I see in the cards that you will meet someone and join them to make the best of the situation you have, but I don’t think it is another person, but another side of you that you have been not only neglecting, but suppressing. Take the time to ask yourself why you are so afraid to accept the love in your life (and you are, if you were not then you would be embracing it all.) Even if you embrace what you receive, are you also so open to showing your love? How much you care for friends, family, and all loved ones? Let’s take the time to grow. You deserve it. I know it can be stressful, but it is so worth it.

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