Fortune Friday

Hey guys! Over on Facebook I have a segment called Manifestation Mondays which basically helps us manifest the best week there is to have by knowing what is to come early so we can tackle it and work on it before it can affect us negatively, or so we know to have confidence as things seem to be going well already so might as well put our best foot forward!

With Fortune Friday, we will be talking about what we have no control over, and how to react to these circumstances we have no control over. This means that even if we cannot stop the situation from happening, we can stop it from creating an impression we do not like. That being said- let’s dive in!

You see, because I am a professional and learned how to do the “read more” function on WordPress, I am going to do a “pick a pile” type of thing. I will place an image with the three piles, and all you need to do is wait to feel a pull to one, two, or all piles. Once you are ready, you can proceed to the reading below the cut! Maybe comment below which one you have gotten!

Group One

Things are settling for you, my Number Ones. No matter how hard it is to believe, things are really looking up so don’t look for the negative. That will do you no good. You deserve to rest and be happy with how far you have came. Even though things are stressful, you cannot afford to let it drive you away from potentially growing. You got to go against the current sometimes. Sure it may seem easy to go with the flow, but you never know if it will lead you to a waterfall until it is too late.

Another thing is that you are really being forced to face reality right now. With Mercury being direct, you will learn that a lot of what you thought was Mercury’s fault is actually having nothing to do with the planet’s retrograde. This will hurt and will be frustrating, but your eyes will be so much wider now with this information. You will need to rely on yourself, but the good news is that you can do it and you know you can.

Group Two

My poor number twos, you are between a rock and a hard place aren’t you? I am so sorry to hear that. However, the good news is that even though it is completely out of your control, you can use it to your advantage. Use this to make you better. You are forced out of your comfort zone, but you are not in the danger zone. Don’t push yourself into there, stay in this zone. This is called the Optimum Preformance zone, and you can really learn a lot of lessons about yourself here.

People are being deceitful or trying to take advantage of you by getting you to do things for them, and you may feel like there is a struggle to say no. You don’t necessarily want to pick up that extra shift for your boss, but you can’t really seem to say no. So you feel stuck. Now we change our perspective: this is now extra practice and more experience. Your resume can now say you are very reliable. Your paycheque is a little bit bigger. Sure, it may suck at first, but changing your perspective will do you wonders my number Twos.

Group Three

Choices, choices. I can see you are tired of making them my number Threes. However, this can be so freeing! You have the opportunity to start from scratch and no matter how scary it may seem, you need to take it. This is a very important part of your life, and it is incredibly stressful because you do not want to mess this up. I am the first to tell you to really let go of that fear and take a deep breath. You are okay. You will be okay. This is new for you, and you are not expected by anyone (but maybe yourself) to get it 100% right.

However, now is a time to really reflect on your previous and future actions. How are they affecting others? How are they affecting yourself? Do you have that balance between what is best for you and what is best for others? Where do you draw the line? Are your boundaries stable? In this time, it is important your boundaries are respected and enforced. The last thing you need is to become sensitive in a time of change and have it used against you.

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