You Are Trying Too Hard – Why Your Readings Are Not Accurate

Don’t get me wrong, your readings are likely never going to be correct 100% of the time. However, if your readings are becoming inaccurate all of the time, the reason may not always be the cards. Not to say it is completely the reader’s fault either but there can be many other factors for this. This post will go into reasons why your readings may not be up to par, and ways around it.

You Are Diving In Too Deep

I get it, you want to surprise your Querent by picking up something that you would have no way of knowing, and media really does keep expectations high. If you are are not a psychic, don’t pretend you are. You don’t need to be psychic to read tarot which I feel a lot of people do not understand. It is okay if in this reading, you cannot name the person in the Querent’s mind. It is okay if you cannot describe exactly what they went through. Stop complicating things.

However, even if you are tuning your psychic abilities, do not pretend you are onto something if you aren’t. What I highly suggest is if you are coming across something that is not necessarily from the cards but you feel the Querent needs to know, mention that it is not the cards, and it is purely a side thought. Mention a bit of what you feel the need to say, then get back to the cards. This will automatically help simply because now the advice you are giving to them outside of the cards will be in the back of their mind, but will not distract from what the cards are saying.

Listen To The Querent

By this, I mean listen to the queues they are giving you. No, not to trick them into thinking you know more than you do, but are they comfortable? Are they nervous and therefore closing themselves off? Maybe they simply are skeptical and are looking for a way to prove you are a scammer. Another reason could be they are simply not wanting to hear what you have to say. Now, you may be asking “Crescent, this makes no sense! They came to me for a reading, not the other way around!”

How this works is a lot of times, people will get readings because they want to be assured of something (my partner is not cheating on me, it is all this persons fault, I am doing the best I can) but this may not always be the case. Sometimes, they need to fix something in their lives – how they approach people, how they hold themselves, or anything of that sort. However, they don’t like to hear that. This is not your fault, and is actually not a reason you are actually wrong, but why it may seem that way. I can suggest that you find a softer way to deliver these messages.


Too confident or not confident enough, both sides of this spectrum can interfere with your readings. If you are not confident enough, your issue may be that you are too vague about the reading. This can be fine in group settings, because the reading should apply to a group of people, not just one. However, if the reading is only for one person, this is not the case. You need to be able to make the Querent feel that this is a reading specifically for them. The beauty of this is that typically, the Querent asks a question so it should be easy to connect the cards to that topic.

If it is a general reading, pick up on the vibes of the cards. The Nine of Swords can say she is struggling mentally, while the Five of Cups can say she is struggling emotionally. Five of Wands can be issues in a group setting, maybe family or friends, and five of pentacles can be struggles with financial stability. All of these cards are about struggle, but they represent different areas. The cards surrounding it can give information on this struggle. Use this information to help the querent.

However, too confident is also an issue. When you start saying whatever comes to your head thinking you are working with your intuition can actually cause some more harm than good. This can cause you to not be focused on the reading or topic at hand. Even if what you are saying is true, if it has no purpose in this reading, on this topic, you probably should not say it at this moment. Take note or if you really can’t, mention that it is a side note. However, I find that a lot of the time when it comes to being overconfident, you try to be super specific and that is where you lose them.

Instead of saying “You are meeting a new potential love interest, but you are holding back because a previous one has deeply broke your heart and you are still healing” which I think is already very fascinating to catch and I know my Querents become shocked when I pick up on it without knowing their previous history, if I were to say “You met a lover who is tall with light messy hair and dark eyes. You are interested in him, but you are holding yourself back because your previous lover who starts with an M cheated on you with a brunette.” I can be completely off. Firstly, describing the lover is not important, at all. Also, that is so generic! That can be so many guys. Also, just because the cards say heartbreak does not have to mean the person was cheated on. What if he had to move away, or they were really serious but got into a fight and broke up?

The point is, you don’t have to be super specific to not be vague. Also, in my opinion, it is perfectly okay to start off vague and build information as you go. Think of the reading as a building. Start with a solid foundation (the vague start) and work your way up. An example of this can be “I see you are having issues in your friend group (vague). Someone in the group branched off to another crowd, which is fine, but this other group of people is no good.” Now, is the group a bad influence to the friend? Is the group taking too much of the friends time? Is the friend stressed by the group but doesn’t want help? Look in the cards,the answer is there. If not, you can easily draw another card to dive in deeper.

This was a tad longer than I thought it would be, but I hope you enjoy!

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