Reading Tarot For Yourself and Why It Is So Hard

I feel funny writing about this, because I am extremely confident with the readings I give to others and take pride in them. However, once the cards are in front of me and I am about to read for myself, my mind goes blank. I stare at the cards and acknowledge which cards are there. I know what the cards mean, and I feel the energy they carry (heavy or light), but it seems after looking at the cards for about five minutes, I am good, put the cards away, and take nothing from that short session. However, once something happens, you can connect it to the card you saw earlier? Does this happen to you as well? Let’s talk about it.

First, we need to tackle why. Why does that happen? What I have noticed is that the reason I do it is because I figure I am a good tarot reader so I already know what the cards mean, I’m not trying to explain it to someone who wouldn’t know. Even if the person I am reading for reads tarot, my cards would say something different to me than they would to them, so for them to truly understand the message my cards are trying to say, I relay the message. This doesn’t happen when I read for myself. I figure I should already know.

The way I overcome this obstacle is to journal my readings. When I write down what the cards are trying to say, I am forced to actually read the cards instead of simply acknowledging that they are there. This has not only made my readings more efficient, but I also was able to realize which cards were popping up more frequently. With the added information, I have something else to think about! This forces me to actually put thought into it, and to give my own readings the same love an attention I give to other readings.

Another issue there can be is bias. You know how easy it is to dish out advice, but never take it. Same with readings. If we are approaching the situation and we have a negative view on it, it does not matter how positive the cards are – we are finding the bad in it. Or even the opposite- no matter how many red flags there are, we are going to look for the positive in the cards to give us the go-ahead. The reason this does not tend to happen when you read for others is because you are set to be the third-party. You are not emotionally invested in the outcome, but want the best for your client. Ever notice when your friend asks you for a reading about a boy you know is no good and the cards just so happen to be saying for her to dump him instead of offering constructive criticism on how to make the relationship healthier and happier? Bias.

Tackling this is difficult, but the way I do it is when I pull cards about a situation I know I have a strong bias in, I make sure I have a card for the negative aspect, and the card for the positive aspect. So, even if I have a strong bias for either or, I project that bias there. Not everything is black and white and if you have a negative view on a situation it is important to see that through. However, the bright side is an important side as well. Same goes the opposite way.

What other issues do you have when it comes to reading for yourself? How do you try overcoming it? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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