Fortune Friday

Hey guys! I am starting something new here on the blog and I really hope you guys enjoy this! Over on Facebook I have a segment called Manifestation Mondays which basically helps us manifest the best week there is to have by knowing what is to come early so we can tackle it and work on it before it can affect us negatively, or so we know to have confidence as things seem to be going well already so might as well put our best foot forward!

With Fortune Friday, we will be talking about what we have no control over, and how to react to these circumstances we have no control over. This means that even if we cannot stop the situation from happening, we can stop it from creating an impression we do not like. That being said- let’s dive in!

You see, because I am a professional and learned how to do the “read more” function on WordPress, I am going to do a “pick a pile” type of thing. I will place an image with the three piles, and all you need to do is wait to feel a pull to one, two, or all piles. Once you are ready, you can proceed to the reading below the cut! Enjoy!

Group Number One

For you guys, it is for sure a time of when what is going around is coming around. This can mean whatever depending on what you have actively been doing – or avoiding. Yes, even avoiding. Has there been a situation you just really do not want to talk about? Well, you you need to and might actually face repercussions for avoiding it. If you look at the image you will see the way the wings are not even – symbolizing “As Above So Below” which really sticks out to me because basically, the repercussions happening, good and bad, are happening because they need to happen. Even if you did everything differently, you would learn this lesson you are learning now at some point in time.

This calls for you to be open and receptive. In the oracle card, the image sticking out to me is the water. It flows- not being forced or confined. It moves with gravity and I can grab at it all I want, it will keep flowing. Even if I keep the jar upright, eventually the water will spill. However, it splits into two. That is because there are two things we must trust in – the divine energy (be this the universe, energy, spirit, a god, or multiple) and ourselves. It also tells us that we have options. We can choose a path. There is not only one correct way- and as long as we have pure intentions, we can make the best of any situation.

Group Number Two

My group number twos, you are so giving and caring but I need to ask you – are you saving some of that love and energy for yourself? Real question. I am getting the feeling you don’t, and now we have something to work on. However, this being the reading it is, I feel it is safe to assume that it is very difficult for you to assert yourself and say no. Are you being manipulated? Are you filled with a sense of obligation? Be honest with yourself. It is okay to want to help, and to enjoy helping others, but you also have to ask yourself are you really helping, or are you putting the burden on yourself? A problem isn’t solved, just relocated onto you.

However, have hope. What you need to do is evaluate the situation, and accept the facts of it. You cannot help everyone. Putting the issue on yourself is not helping anyone- and if the people around you see you begin to crack under their burdens and say nothing about it, take note on that. You should help people when and how you can- but you need to recharge as well. If you won’t do it for yourself, accept the fact that eventually you will have nothing left to give, so by recharging yourself and keeping enough of your resources for yourself, you will actually be a lot better at helping other people. This is especially true when it comes to advice. Also, don’t pretend to be who you aren’t. If you aren’t a healer, don’t pretend to be one. If you aren’t ready to hear all the whining and complaining, don’t pretend to be. Don’t pretend to be what you’re not because that is how resentment is built. Boundaries!

Group Number Three

Alright, beginnings are very much freaky. You get thrown in a new situation and everything is just uncomfortable. Are you doing the right thing? Are you saying the right thing? Are you making the right impression? All of these thoughts that can lead to self-doubt are rushing. However, some of us are use to shoving it aside and not thinking much about it. That’s good, but this one person in your life- be it a friend, family member, coworker, or partner – is making you watch your every move. This person may not necessarily be a horrible person and would judge you openly, but either way you want to impress them. This is especially leaning towards friends and partners because I am getting the sense that prior to this new relationship being formed, there was some negative encounters with the previous one. As much as we want to ignore it, the elephant is in the room and will not go away without being addressed by name.

What I really need you to know is that no matter how badly in the past you were hurt, no matter how badly you hurt someone, or how angry you got, this is a new situation. You clicked New Game on the menu. Give yourself the freedom of that. Even if something happens, it is important that you look at yourself in this situation and say “I did the best I can.” In order to do that, however, you actually have to do the best that you can. You need to have faith in yourself and take the leap. However, some things are not in our control. In the oracle card you see the person with their hands out. Yes, this can show their power or their will to fight, but in this particular stance I get the feeling of surrendering. Sometimes the best you can do is to be passive and go with the flow. Fighting and pushing is only good in certain situations and only go so far.

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