Ways To Cleanse Your Tarot Deck And Reasons NOT To

Disclaimer: Even though the title says tarot deck, it is completely possible to use these methods for cleaning other types of divination tools. Also, this is not fact but how I do my personal practice. This serves as a place for beginners to start off, or for others to refer to if they want to try something new.

Cleansing your divination tools are important, and something that many people say is mandatory! The reason for this is because many believe that your tools are sensitive to energies, and if the cards soak up too much negativity the results can be biased in a negative light. However, before I talk about ways to cleanse the tools, I will first dive into why you should actually avoid doing so!

If you are using things like bones to divine, it is advised against cleansing because a big deal with using bones is that the animal the bones came from will “guide” you. This is also the same when it comes to old, passed down tarot decks. Another reason to not cleanse the tools is when you strictly use the deck to communicate with those on the other side (loved ones, deities, spirits, astral beings, angels, or so on) because at that point, it does not matter. This is someone who is now communicating using the tools. Would it matter who used the pen last when you decide to write a note? Or does it matter if you just sent a very heated text, and now had to send something nice to someone else? The point is- it does not really matter. Also- another reason would be that you simply do not feel like it- as it is not required but simply recommended.

Now. Let’s get to how to cleanse!


A popular way to cleanse tools is by smoke! This can be from incense or a candle. I would personally suggest the scent/color have something to do with what the tools are used for. If you have a rose quartz pendulum and strictly use it for relationship questions, use a yellow candle (friendship), a pink (love), or red (passion) candle to charge it. For runes or cards, be sure to not burn yourself or the card! To so one stone/card at a time and really focus on cleansing each and every item.


Take the tool and visualize the negative energy escaping. I like to see the negativity as a muck color, like gunk in a filter. As the deck is being cleansed, the gunk is getting out. Either you can remove the yucky energy or replace it with positive ones! To do the latter, I picture myself filtering the energy to make it more positive. This I recommend for bones, or other divination tools where the energy around it is important to keep around.


Creating a sigil to cleanse your tools can be a great way to do so! Placing the sigil where the tool is stored can help guarantee the tool is cleansed at all times! The only thing I need to stress is that it is important to activate the sigil! Simply drawing the sigil is not enough. Activating the sigil can be as simple as visualizing it, putting it through smoke, or even burning it (not completely but around the edges) and using what is left! Also, stitching it into the bag with the intent can work as well because the act of the stitching can be enough to charge it!


Placing it at your windowsill can be a great way to charge your tools, but simply leaving it out will simply not do! There needs to be intent, and effort in the intent. What I do is say a small prayer or chant over the tools once they are on the sill and set a timer. Once the timer goes off, it is done! I do three hours because the number three has a lot of power to me, but 30 minutes or any other amount of time will do

There are so many other ways, but these are the ones I tend to use the most. How do you charge your tools? DO you charge your tools? Let’s get chatting!

2 thoughts on “Ways To Cleanse Your Tarot Deck And Reasons NOT To

  1. My wife was asking me (a couple of days ago) how to clean a tarot deck after I gifted her a set.

    ***I had a set of cards I’d had for more than 12 years that I never used before.


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