How To Become A Witch, Easy

The stereotypical witch has a pointy hat, a hooked nose, a long chin, as well as an eerie cackle. This witch eats babies and turns people to toads- but luckily that does not exactly translate into real life. I will tell you how to become a witch easily. This post will talk about things that you do not need, as well as what is a complete must inorder to be a witch!


Listen, as much as many people will say tools are not important, you will need some! A lot of people forget that your voice and your self are not only tools, but I would say the most important ones. When I say voice, I do not mean your vocals (not completely, at least) as you can easily cast spells silently. Now, a lot of people will say you need a wand, a cauldron, all of these fancy things, and it is nice to have for sure but is not necessary. Do I think you should never get these tools? Absolutely not! As your craft grows, you may find yourself wanting or needing these tools. It is all up to you.

Another thing is that a lot of people say you cannot use an item for mudane and magical purposes, and this is simply wrong. From my experience, I would recommend cleansing the item before and after each session with it, but that does not make it impossible to use it for both. An example would be a candle, a knife, a pen, a bowl, anything that can be used for both mudane or magical purposes. In the past, poor households who only had one wooden spoon or one knife would use the same tools for their magical brews and herbs as their mudane culinary activities. It was not uncommon, and the idea that you can only use the item for one or the other is very much classist.


Some witches will only ever wear black, while others will wear any color. Some will cast spells without a single piece of clothing on! Some witches love to rick that pointy hat, some would very much rather not. It is really up to you what to wear in your craft!

Be a Girl… | Call Yourself A Witch…

Or a guy, or NB, or however you identify with. Witch is a gender-neutral term and anyone who says otherwise is sadly mistaken. Of course, you do not have to call yourself a witch- any other term you are comfortable with will do! Spellcaster comes to mind for me. Magician and Wizard also seem to be common. Warlock can have some bad connontations depending who you’re talking to as it means oathbreaker, but if you choose to identify with that, good on you.

Cast A Spell

This does not have to happen every day, but it is important that you do. You cannot call yourself an artist if you never make a single piece of artwork and never intend to- but studied art so therefore you are an atrist. That is not how it works and that is how it works when it comes to being a witch. Even little tiny spells here and there are completely fine, as long as you are casting!

Follow A Deity … Or Not

A lot of people include deity work into their craft, and they find that it helps a lot. However, this is not required in witchcraft. A lot of people work with one, two, many, or even none. Some will worship (a) deit(y/ies) and not include them in their witchcraft. The point of the matter is- that it is all up to you.

Figure Out Your Craft

Are you a celestial witch? A green witch? A hedge witch? There are so many types of witches that I cannot keep track of them all. You must choose one and stick with it! Or, not. Completely up to you. The one thing that you must never do is take what is not your to take. Do not practice from closed cultures and do not share spells you did not create without proper credit! These cute little names to describe the type of with you are are super adorable and is a great way to find a community of witches who practice what you do, but it is not needed at all!

It may seem that there is a lot of back and forth with my points, but the truth of the mater is that there is no one way of being a witch. You do not need to be religious, spiritual, or some master spellcaster who does an hour ritual every full moon at the exact moment the moon is full. Some witches ignore the moon, some worship it. Some witches cast a spell once a monthh, some once in a blue moon. Either way, there are many unique ways of being a witch and the uniqueness is what makes being a witch so amazing.

Did this help? Let me know in the comments how you practice, or want to practice, witchcraft! Let me know!

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