Tarot Reading Tips

Tarot reading is an amazing experience, and if you do not know how to read your own cards, I for sure recommend you get your cards read at least once. However, if you want to learn how to read tarot, easy, then continue to read below! In this post, I will give you six easy ways to read tarot- or how to get started as a beginner.

Forget The Celtic-Cross Spread

I know that the Celtic Cross spread is very popular among the tarot community, and it can be fun to do sometimes, however, it is not a beginner friendly spread and not only could it scare you away from tarot reading, but you will not get the most out of the reading as you would with less cards. Let me explain- in a spread as big as that, not only is every card important but they should all tie into one another, which can be daunting to say the least. With a smaller spread, it is easier to connect the two and really focus on those cards because your mind is not focused on so many different aspects. For a beginner, I say you should not go over three cards in a spread. Clarifying cards, however, is a different story

Use Clarifying Cards

I know that I already spoke of my love for these cards here, but let me explain why I highly recommend beginners to use them. By using clarifying cards, not only are you slowly learning how to build on the amount of cards you are using, you are slowly making connections between certain cards and what they mean and are no longer treating the cards as individual pictures and learning how to use them as puzzle pieces to get the full one!

Tarot Journal

Creating a tarot journal is a fun and exciting way to dive further into this process. You can dedicate a page to each card, and then record your readings down in said journal so that you can look back and see what it meant and if it came true! When I record my personal readings, I write the date, the question or intent of the reading, and then I write the cards I drew in order, and I write down what I would say to anyone else if i pulled these cards for them. Then- I dive in to how I can connect it with my current situation. If you want more information on this, let me know in the comments below!

Two Card Pulls A Day

By doing a card pull a day, you are allowing yourself to really practice every day. I recommend pulling one card in the morning, and one at night. You can also choose only one though. Then, dedicate five minutes to the card and reading, and write it down. Also, if you are really just starting out, you can go in order and instead of it being a reading- you can study basically two cards a day for 5 minutes each- minimum!

Forget The Book

I know that a lot of people might suggest books and to read the booklet that comes with the deck, but to be honest- do not focus so much on it. Remember that tarot is suppose to be abstract, and that things should not be as literal as you may think. Example- death means transformation. Death is also very sudden and therefore would mean sudden transformation. However, look at the card. Is it a comforting image? Is it loud? This can explain how this change may feel (there are many cards for change, so why is this card the one showing up? These differences are key!) The booklet can give you some idea as to what the card is going for, but ultimately you should focus more on your own intuition. By forming this bond of knowing what the deck is telling you, you will be able to work together much more smoothly.

What’s The Vibe?

I kind have touched on this in the previous point, but this a common way people read tarot! Put yourself into the image of the card. What is going on? What is the vibe? These are really important to consider. The good thing about tarot is that even though there is a set structure, everything is up to interpretation! This is why when you show the same cards to five different readers, you will get five different readings. The cards know the reader, as you should know the cards. Listen to what they are trying to tell you and trust your gut.

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