The Ethics Of Love Magic

Love is an amazing thing. Not just romantic love, but any love. However, using magic to get love seems to be quite popular. This can lead to problems, and can result in unhappy or even dangerous relationships. Either way, love magic has been an interest for a lot of people for many years and will probably continue to for many more. Believe it or not, this blog post is not meant to turn you away from love magic, but to simply show what I think is to be the correct way to use it. Of course, this is simply only my opinion. Let’s talk about this in the comments below!

Love magic can be great to bring and attract love to your life. It can be used to attract friends, lovers, or even bring self love. However, there is a difference between attracting and forcing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing in love to your life but there is an issue with how you do so.

Without even diving into free will, take the time to ask yourself if you would want to be in a relationship with someone knowing it is not real? Knowing it is all fake, how would you be able to remain happy in the relationship? Also, what if you get bored and you finally find someone who genuinely likes you, but now you are in this relationship and cannot act on this new potential partner. Also, the outcome is probably not what you will expect. What if this love is not soft? What if this becomes a creepy and potentially dangerous situation? What if all is good, but then they become abusive when you try to leave?

I know that personally, even if the person thinks it is genuine, I would not feel comfortable knowing that they are only with me because of a spell I cast. Even if the relationship went perfectly, and there were no negatives, I would always wonder what would have happened if the spell was never cast. I wonder what the partner would say if they knew the spell was cast on them. How would I react if I knew a spell was cast on me?

However, that is only if the spell is used to force the love. I find there is no issue with using magic to bring love into your life. There is nothing wrong with wanting to bring love into your life and attracting a lover, a best friend, or self love into your life. The best part is that when you are attracting and not forcing, it is genuine and real. When you attract real and genuine love into your life, what you are doing is you are increasing the possibility that someone you meet or is close to will develop genuine feelings for you, without it being a specific person in mind.

For example, if I cast a spell to get a romantic partner, I would have no idea who this will be. It could be a close friend of mine, it could be someone I meet at a restaurant, it could be a mutual friend, The point is that whoever it is, chances are they will not wake up one morning and decide they love me, but will most likely be building up naturally, or it was already there but they become more vocal about it. Also, you ca guarantee that the relationship is healthy without forcing someone to change (which is not a healthy approach to any relationship.

I use love magic. I have a small jar, which what it contains will be left secret, but it is used to keep my romantic relationship healthy and happy and so far it works wonderfully. I also do many spells for self love. Both spells take work, but both are worth it. I have not done any spells to bring in friendships, but I know they exist.

Would you fit a puzzle piece in a place where it doesn’t fit? No matter how cute or awesome that piece is? No, it ruins the whole picture. Do not add something in your life and force it to fit with magic. Do not take a piece from another puzzle, use magic to find the piece that seems missing. You are a whole image, do not remove a piece of yourself to make something else fit. You are and deserve so much better than that.

What are your thoughts on love magic? Have you ever used any? Comment below your stories!

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