Pendulums – How To Read A Pendulum For Beginners

Old or new to divination, you most likely have heard of a pendulum. What is it? How do you use it? Is it dangerous? Can I make one? These are all questions I will be diving into throughout this post to help you learn how to read a pendulum as a beginner.

Pendulums are beginner friendly-to an extent. You can ask yes-no questions to get a straight forward answer, or use a board in order to get more detailed answers if you like. Either way, it does not require a bunch of studying and memorizing and is easy to get a hang of.

What Is A Pendulum?

A pendulum [ˈpen-jə-ləm] is a weighted object at the end of a string which has the ability to swing back and forth with ease. The weighted object in this case is normally a pointed one made of a natural material like stone, wood, or anything of that sort, but that is not always the case. It was quite common to use a needle and thread to use as a pendulum. It is also common for people to use necklaces. 

How Do You Use A Pendulum?

The way you use a pendulum is you hold the chain by your two fingers, or any way you find comfortable. I prefer to use my non-dominant hand. but it is important you are comfortable during this experience. I always start off the session by asking the pendulum to show me how it says yes, and how it says no. I could always go into detail and ask for it’s maybe, probably yes, probably not, and uncertain. Then I start asking yes or no questions and wait for it to be answered automatically. If you would like, you can use a pendulum board which looks similar to a spirit board.

Okay, but how does it work? There are many theories- but this is the one I personally think. I think that the universe, my deities, my higher self, or a spirit will manipulate the pendulum and cause it to move. Sometimes this can cause me to unconsciously move my hand slightly when I am not trying to force an answer. Some people believe it is your subconscious answering for you, some believe that the pendulum itself is answering because of the weight being of natural material.

Is It Dangerous?

It is just as dangerous as a spirit board, tarot cards, or even speaking of the paranormal. Pretty much, it is not dangerous at all- but if you are going to speak to a spirit you do not know using it, you should be careful. Do I think that the pendulum will cause you great misfortune? Probably not. That is very unlikely. However you should use your discernment for lies or manipulation. If you are just using the pendulum to ask it what the weather will be like tomorrow, it will be completely harmless.

Can I Make A Pendulum?

You can! like I said, it is very easy for you to make a pendulum by putting any weighted object on a string. You can even take a rock you found and tie yarn around it and call it a day. You ca even use a necklace last minute. No matter what you use, a pendulum is just a weight at the end of a string until you use it and give it meaning.

Can Pendulums Really Contact The Dead or Divinity?

Of course. I spoke about this a bit earlier two questions ago. Note that a pendulum cannot force a spirit to communicate with you, nor can it guarantee you are speaking to who you intend to. Spirits can lie- and they usually do. It may not be malicious and can simply be because they are bored, but they lie nonetheless. This is why discernment and protection is so important to use. However, if you know what you are doing, it should be fine.

For Divinity, a lot of people use pendulums and other tools to communicate with their gods. Again, discernment should be used. This, paired with other tools especially, can be used as a form of prayer to the gods in question and to communicate and get quick responses.

This is just a small, quick guide to pendulums. What are your thoughts? Do you have a pendulum? How many? What do you use yours for? Do you have any more questions? Comment below!

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