How To Set Yourself Apart As A Reader

Whether you are a reader or the client, you know how important it is to have the type of connection in order to be most comfortable. Readers are not a one-size-fits-all, and neither are customers! However, this post is specifically about being a reader. When a client gets a reading from you, they are looking for a few things if they are doing it consciously or not. They are looking for the way you present the message, the message itself, and basically every aspect of the service. Some may prefer a video, it to be live, or to have it written. Some may not mind a wait, but some may want it within the next few days. They may also look at the layout, the quality, and of course the accuracy of the message. Without diving in on the concept of “No reader can be wrong!” I want to focus on why it is important to set yourself a part from the other readers, the benefits you can get from it, and how to do it!

Standing out as a reader is important. You do not want to be like everyone else because it may not work for you! If it does, great, but maybe try branching out a bit. You should have it where if a client were to see your work, they can tell it is you. It is like how some authors have a writing style, artists have an art style, readers should have a style as well. The benefit of being able to set yourself apart from other readers is that when clients come to you, they get a unique experience they feel they cannot get anywhere else, which would make them more likely to return to you instead of someone else. Some people will feel really confident typing up their readings as a PDF and sending it out, but others may just spend a few hours staring at a blank document. Others may love to record their messages and send the video to the client or post it on YouTube, while others get shivers thinking about editing. Also, I notice that a lot of readers have some sort of theme they go with when it comes to their readings. An example is that for my readings, I tend to rely on the universe, and a lot of my future listings will have a galactic feel to it. Others may like to work with angels for their readings, entities, their higher self, or maybe even just the cards! Either way, the way you go through with this can really set you apart!

Having a style is something that should be something that may seem obvious, but you will be surprised how many people struggle to realize that they should be free to experiment to see what suits them! I find it is quite popular to type up readings, so a lot of people seem to think that is their only option. There can be videos, live, snail-mail, and probably so much more! Either way, there is so much room for playing around and testing what suits you best. How will you edit? What will be the layout? How long will you spend on the reading? If you are typing or writing, how will the final product look? These are all things you should look into and see what you like best. My best advice is to see what comes naturally to you and to emphasize it to make it bigger. By putting emphasis on what comes naturally, it will continue to feel genuine so it will not be seen as forced.

Also, getting a ‘theme’ in place can really help you set yourself apart from others, but is not necessary. A theme, like I said before, would be like basing all of your readings off of Shakespeare plays which may attract one type of audience, or promoting the fact you work with angels to get your messages and showcasing that in your readings. Again, this should be something natural and something you are passionate about. If you hate Shakespearean theater, then why bother basing your readings off the play? You will dread doing them. If you don’t already work with the angels, don’t start because you want that to be your theme. Customers can sense when you do not care for what you put out. I suggest find something you are passionate about and if that is your readings, emphasize how you get your messages. Also be sure to look at copyright laws if you want to use characters, shows, books, or art. Obey the laws, and you should be fine.

The display is a huge thing, as well as accessibility. You want to be sure that the final product is pleasing to the eyes, and can be easily understood. If you are recording yourself be sure to have a background which is not too chaotic, speak clearly, and maybe even Closed Captions or a transcript of the audio. If you are typing, be sure to have the font stay clean, simple, and easy to read. Do not have the font too small. Also, if you want to decorate your PDF to make it look nice, that is great and make sure it is not too hard on the eyes. However, I also recommend you have a printable version so it can be easier to read, and if needed, simple to make into a word document for those with screen readers. Also, if you include images in your PDF, be sure to include image description for those who are hard-of-seeing! It may take some extra time, but being accessible can open doors to more clients! Of course there are other ways, but this is just a few ideas.

There are many ways to set yourself apart as a diviner and a lot of benefits in doing so. By staying authentic and unique, not only would it help build clientele, but keep them. Give them a reason to stay and not look elsewhere for the same service. By doing so, you are not saying you are the best, but you may be the best for them. Divination can seem invasive, and a lot of people who turn to diviners may be curious, desperate for answers, skeptics, or genuine believers. By setting yourself apart, you not only get the attention of the client, but hopefully get them to stick around. You are not for every client, and not every client is for you. By establishing yourself and being transparent, you can be sure to attract the right crowd.

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