Learning To Let Go – The Energy This Week.

This Week’s Energy

The energy this week shows that conflict is in the air, which can be bad if you refuse to look at this in the proper light. While conflict is bad, it is important to acknowledge this so that way, this week can go more smoothly. This week, after I drew the cards, my eyes went straight to the number five. In tarot, five tends to mean not-so-good things are on the way. However, I am a strong believer that not every card is bad.

The first card is one that I am very much drawn to. Now is the time to not focus on the negative. Right now, in the social climate of things, everyone seems to be very much dwelling on the negative. The eclipse may seem to be the reason for this, and due to Mercury being in Capricorn, something that should seem very much black and white is in the grey area which is very frustrating for everyone. When you speak your mind, it is either agreeable or disagreeable. There is no middle ground. Now is the time people are getting upset with everything, and the light of things are very pessimistic. However, things are not as grim as it may appear. We need to acknowledge there are positives to the situation, in a way you may not think. This can help us be better people.

The next card dives into more of what I mean to say. A lot of the conflict has to do with ourselves. The internal fighting we have is something that will be more apparent as the week goes on. A lot of it may be due to the fact that we may begin to feel powerless. As we see others struggle, or even ourselves, we feel like we cannot do anything. It is important, though, to know that by listening to those who need help and aligning our hearts with our mind, we can be sure to not only grow but also find a way to be more helpful which is, at the bottom of things, what we need to do. This week will be the week we really challenge ourselves. We cannot do everything alone, and that being said, now is the time to regroup and make a plan on how to survive the best we can.

Advice To Utilize This Energy

The cards I drew for how to use this energy to the best of our potential is the most important part, I find. This is what we can do to make the best of this bad situation. The first card in this section is telling us that we must get out of our comfort zones. In this time where things are getting tricky, it would make sense for us to automatically want to curl up, hideaway, and wait for things to get better. However, now is the time to really get out there and grow as people. With the energy of discomfort and conflict, the way we handle it will be something different for us. Sometimes being too aggressive, or too passive, is not the right move.

Now is also the time for self discovery. This is why I am really emphasizing the fact that this improvement is really all about you, even though the world is upside down at the moment. Right now you may feel alone, but you should take this as an opportunity to study yourself. Now, with all this conflict, is really the time for you to really solidify who you identify as in terms of morals, desires, needs, and everything else. Where do you draw the line? With everything seeming black and white at first glance, there is a huge gray area when it comes to how you can react to what is going on. Now is the time to let things go to really make room for improvements in your life. You cannot force a flower to bloom, and if you do not let things happen naturally, the flower will not thrive.

My Thoughts And Intuition

This week is a toughie, and I have been struggling to find the words to say what needs to be said. Really, my best advice is to really take the time to relax and to allow things to settle down. Do not do nothing, but take the time to strategise what you need to do in order to succeed. The waters are getting crazy. Instead of fighting it, you should plan how to carry on past this so that you can build up from solid ground. When everything is feeling forced, it is sometimes best to go with the flow until you can get out. Fighting it will leave you feeling tired, which is not the best feeling. When thinking of this, I can imagine a powerful wave pulling me down, and though I am not drowning, I know trying to force my way back to the surface will tire me out, when I can wait a few seconds for the water to not be as rough, get my air, and get out of there before the next wave or get my air to go back under and try again. Once I am away from the waves, I can continue what is best for me without feeling as tired or as sore as I would if I kept fighting it.

When it comes to conversations, you do not have to agree with everyone’s view point. However, arguing about it will only tire you out and, if this person refuses to listen, it will be pointless. As much as you would want to jump in and educate and help this person, it may not be in your best interest. It is like trying to help someone who does not want to get better. Once they say they wish to educate themselves and “get better”, then would be the opportunity to educate and help. Continue to lead by example, and keep your strength for those who need it. Back to the wave example, instead of using all your energy and force to get up to the surface when you could have waited two seconds, you could have spent that energy helping others who would need, and accept, the help to get up as well.

There is no “all men for themselves” kind of scenario going on. We tried that and it failed. Do not make the same mistakes as the past. Do not be selfish, but also know when it is time to step in. If you try to help someone who doesn’t want help, it will never work out (or if it does, it will be very stressful to you) and you may find yourself thinking “this is why I got to only focus on myself.” No. Wrong. You need to know when it is the time to shoot. You would not pick fruit before it ripens. You would not pick fruit once it rots. You got to find the right time and go for it.

Sorry for being a day late, but I hope this message finds you and helps you.

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