Dressing A Candle

Before we even begin, we should probably discuss what I mean by ‘dressing a candle’. This is a very ‘witchy’ term which means to anoint a candle. What does that mean? To anoint a candle, you rub oil on it in order to bless it in a way. Even though I chose the word ‘bless’, I prefer the word ‘enchant’ because what we are talking about is dressing a candle for magical purposes. Candle magic is when you use candles in, well, magic. This is a very simple way to cast a spell without necessarily using a crazy long ritual, but fire as an element is difficult to control. However, the rewards are amazing and pretty quick. Please be careful with candle magic, and always follow proper fire safety as well as knowing what oils are right for you.

Choosing a candle can be difficult. First, you should look at the type of spell you are doing, and decide on what candle would be right for you. For an example, let us say that we wanted to cast a spell in order to bring calmness. First, we would want to choose a color. Is your candle going to be white, which many believe can replace any color, or would it be a color associated with calmness or happiness? Also, do you want your candle to be scented or unscented? If scented, what scent do you associate with calmness or happiness? Finally, think of the way you will be using this candle. Is this going to be a one time spell? Will you use this candle for other uses? Do you want to use it only this one time? Will you be required to burn the entire candle for it to come into effect? Some options are pillar candles, a taper candle, candle pot, tea light candles, or even birthday candles.

Now, choosing an oil to anoint the candle is also going to be very important to the intent. The oil must serve some sort of purpose, and it helps if the oil has to do with the spell’s intent as closely as possible. It is important for you to do your research, and use the proper oils for such things. For calmness, I like to use lavender oil, which is properly diluted with a carrier oil. I, personally, would dilute this with sunflower oil because sunflowers make me happy, help me relax, and just get rid of negativity and toxicity for me. If you have any allergies, be sure to check both the essential oil and the carrier oil. Also, be sure you know how these oils may react do medication you may be taking. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

To actually dress the candle, take the oil of your choice and put some drops (drops!) onto your fingertip. The amount of drops has to do with what you feel comfortable with. I like to use two, for harmony. I use this because I want my intention to connect with my reality effortlessly. However, you can use as many drops as you’d like, however, I recommend a smaller amount. We will then take the candle and start from the base of the candle, up to the top. The way we hold the candle is also important. If you are banishing something, I would say to point the candle away. If you want enlightenment, point it upwards. If you want to invoke, have the top face towards you. I say stroke the oil until you feel satisfied, and then begin!

I dress candles because I feel it is more intimate. I am physically working with the candle and anointing it with my intention. Also, this is especially useful if you feel something is missing to a candle spell, or even if you do not have access to scented candles. The best part is that, for me, I do not have to keep anointing it. The intention stays unless I blow it out, causing the energy to be “blown away” in my belief, but others are happy blowing out a candle and picking up from where they left off. Again, find what works for you.

I hope that this made sense to you. Did it help? If so, let me know!

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