The Week Ahead

This Week’s Energy

The cards I drew to describe this week are positive ones if you know how to utilize it. The more dominant energy of this week will be the energy of being still and planning. This is most likely due to Capricorn’s heavy influence in a lot of our lives. What is Capricorn about? Capricorn is about planning, and taking our goals and chopping them up into tiny pieces until we get them to manageable steps to get where we need to be. It is building a foundation to build up from. Taking our time. The Emperor, the first card I drew, also has strong ties with Mars and Aries, which is funny since right now, Mars is in Aries! This means that right now, we are more likely to act spontaneously, and the creative energy is in the air, but while conjuncting Sun in Capricorn, this tells me that whatever we were planning or “brewing up”, now is the time we may want to act. The 1111 portal (January 11th) just passed us in the past week so we may have been acting out accordingly due to that.

Now, let us get to the cards.

The card I drew, the Emperor, also possesses the energy of stillness and planning. It is not a card of doing nothing, but of waiting and planning. This card consists of leadership and order. Basically, this week the universe is going to look at what we have done, what we have worked towards, and act accordingly. Know that for some, this may not be positive whatsoever. The universe has no sense of good or bad in the sense of “Hey, I like you so I am going to help you out,” or “You were kinda rude and mean so I am going to make things hard for you.” Now is also the time things will come into light. Everything that was hidden, will no longer be so. Things are coming into the light, and this can be good or bad.

The second card gives us some sort of clarity that things are going to succeed in a way. There will be a new light to the situation, kind of like you have made a break through. Now is a time of enlightenment. Again, this is the energy of things no longer being in hiding. The truth is coming out, and there is no sense of it being for the better or worse, it is what it is. Things will not stay hidden because it will affect you negatively. However we look at it, it will be opening doors for us.

Advice To Utilize This Energy

Mars in Aries is acting quickly, almost too quick. This can make Capricorn very uneasy, as this sign needs to have a plan, however, going with the flow will work well this week. Do not force things, and use the momentum to your advantage. Do not go against the grain. It may seem like things are not going well for you, because you are not in total control. You feel like things have got off the track, but you must look at the bright side. If you use the momentum to your advantage, you will get farther than if you had to do the distance yourself. Now is not the time to panic and be upset about it, because if you do, you will lose your chance. Use the environment and situation to your advantage.

My Thoughts And Intuition

This week can be challenging for those who have trouble letting go, and this can be for a number of reasons, but for what is sticking out to me is that, for a lot of people, this may have to do with other people. Maybe somebody in the past has let you down, and you are worried about failure again. This is why this week especially you should really take the time to plan out. Things do not have to go perfectly, but as long as you are able to make your next step quickly to go back on track, you should be fine. Imagery that keeps popping in my head is a butterfly in flames, and this is interesting to me because it is a beautiful, transformative figure which represents the energy of this week, and it is destroyed by the flames. Your passion and your refusal to let go and let things take its course is going to be the death of your project. Your passion is good, but keep it in check this week. Let the flame guide the butterfly, not engulf it. If you keep the flame at a distance to guide the butterfly, it does not matter if the butterfly does not fly in a straight line- it normally does not. Butterflies will fly in one direction, but they go up, down, and sideways. What matters is that, at the end of it, they get to where they need to be.

Let the butterfly fly on its own, but guide it in the direction you want.

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