A Glance Into 2019

Disclaimer: This is a glance into 2019, and this is not written in stone. Think of it like this, you work 9-5 Monday to Friday, and you always take your break at 1:30. The clock reading 1:30 does not force you to take your break, but it is the easier path since that was what was structured. You can decide to not go on your break or to go on your break earlier or later, but that does not stop you from looking at the clock at 1:30 and think “this is when I would normally go on break.” Use this as a guide for 2019 so you can prepare to conquer your year.

What To Leave Behind in 2018

In 2019, you really need to leave behind the idea that you have to be this entity that can do everything and anything at any time. We make mistakes. We forget. We fail. This is all okay. The idea of perfection must stay in the past where it belongs. We have so many great resources, and we can do so many amazing things with them. Our issue is, however, that we do not use them responsibly. We either pour ourselves to other people, leaving nothing for ourselves or the exact opposite. This is the sort of unhealthy balance we need to leave in 2018.
I get the vibe of “black and white” thinking, so when we run out of resources, and can no longer support ourselves or others, we feel powerless and, therefore, useless. The truth of the matter is that you are not powerless, nor are you useless. You just need to rediscover your limits and then budget what you have accordingly. Life is both give and take. Give too much? Knock it off, and find another way. Take too much? Reevaluate where you stand and work to balance the scale.

What To Make Room For in 2019

2019 is the year to recover. This past year has got us bad, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. This year for sure has challenged us, but thankfully this year is our time to recover. The storm is behind us, but we are so worn down from the past year we cannot rejoice right away. Take your breather right now, and relax. Gather with your loved ones and check in on them. It is important to be optimistic while you recover. If you fell off your bike and suffered an injury, and the entire time you were upset, down, depressed, and all this negative stuff- would you want to go back on the bike? Of course not! Give 2019 a fair chance. Get on that bike once you are recovered with a positive attitude towards it.
While you recover, it is important to still be productive. Be still, but plan. What do you wish to accomplish come 2019? Lay it out. Visualize it if you need to. What is the most realistic path to accomplish it? Remember, budget yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Now is not the time to overwhelm yourself, do not make the same mistakes as last year. You deserve so much better, center and ground yourself and give yourself the opportunity to do amazing things while avoiding burnout. Once you get the hang of it, it is not as difficult as you may think. Learn your limits.

The Cards That Represent 2019
The Emperor + Seven of Pentacles

This is the year that we get our sh*t together. Now is the time to set our foundation and build up from here. The Emperor is a very dominant and heavy card to me but in a positive way. He protects us and teaches us. His energy, to me, is like a giant blanket. When we are in bed and the monster under our bed tries to grab our foot, we hide under the blanket and we are protected. In reality, the blanket cannot do much but let us feel safe. We have to act ourselves. The Emporer gives us a sense of security and protection, allowing us to sit back. However, he also demands action from you. He is the embodiment of leadership. You are in charge of how this year affects you. Set your boundaries and goals and stick to them.
Right now, when I look at this card, I cannot help but feel like he is being gentle with us. It is like he wants to protect us, only because he saw what we went through with 2018. He wants us to take our time when it comes to conquering 2019. If we move too quickly, we may get discouraged. However, he does not want us to move too slowly. Keep a steady pace with enough wiggle room for if you need rest- but the goal is to go at a pace sustainable enough you would not need a rest from it. This can be tricky, so do not be down on yourself if you do not get it the first time.

The Seven of Pentacles is a card that reminds us to take our time. Imagine planting a garden and the flowers begin to bloom. Allow yourself to enjoy the work that you put forth, but do not harvest too much at once. If you are saving your money, it would be irresponsible to blow all of it on something that you do not need but want, just because you saved money. If you do, and something happens and you need that rainy day money, now you have nothing. What I am trying to say be sure to not harvest everything at once. This year, invest in your long-term rewards. You have the opportunity to make something great out of yourself, something sustainable for years to come but it starts 2019.
Do not be afraid to enjoy your work and efforts, however. This is also a time of getting comfortable- and that is a good thing. You cannot let the fear of failing or falling behind get in your way. Things happen, but the universe wants you to know that it is rooting for you to succeed. Things will be hard, but so much more managable. When you are afraid and uncomfortable it is easy to be pessemistic, but right now you need to push that aside. In order to succeed, you really need to push that fear aside. Optamism is key.

Extras For 2019

Number: 3
The number three in my path is the number of strength, communication, and creativity. This is not a year we will survive on our own. I am getting the vibe of business negotiations and sharing strengths. Three is a very stable number. A triangle has three points, and triangles are the strongest shape- often used for foundations. This is the year to build and strengthen a foundation for something long term. This is the year of that awkward and hard grind for success, but it will be so rewarding.

Colour: Orange
This is the color of ambition and creativity. This year, it is time to plan to move forward. You will find that you will naturally want to push forward in your right direction. Everyone wants to succeed in life, and this year is going to make that need inside of you burn up. This is the year of success and using your creativity to achieve it. Everyone is different, so every approach is unique. Get creative and look for yours. Do not force anything, let it be natural. This is what the universe wants.

Final Thoughts and Advice

I, personally, think that 2019 has a lot of potential for being an amazing year. However, if we sit back and do nothing, that means nothing will be done. We will simply carry in the energy of 2018 into 2019 and taint it. We need to take our time and rest and recover from the hectic year of 2018 so we can take on 2019 refreshed and ready to go. Plan, and stick to it. Whatever needs to be let go of, let go of it. Holding onto what does not serve you does nothing to help you. All it does is lower your vibrations.

Advice from me to you is to stay motivated. Stay inspired. Try new things that you always wanted to but were too afraid to start. If things do not work out, try another way. Now is not the time to give up. Keep your hope burning strong, and allow yourself to be excited for the new opportunities to come. You deserve all the good 2019 has in store for you, buy you have to work for it. That does not mean you have to do it alone.

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