Finding Your Craft Again

Sometimes, it is difficult to feel motivated in your craft. This is usually a sign that something needs a change. However, changing your craft can be daunting, especially if you have nowhere to start. This post came to my mind because I realized that I really needed a change, so that is what this post is here to do – to help motivate me to find the change in my path. Keep in mind that this information can be applied to almost anything! If you feel unmotivated in your divination, this might help with that as well.

Before we dive in on how to change up your craft, let us talk about why. Sometimes, certain aspects in our craft no longer excite us, which can be temporary due to a piqued interest elsewhere, but it can come to a point that you feel unmotivated to do any sort of spell work. There are a few options that come to my mind when it comes to why one might lose interest, and these are the main few (which I will speak on separately and how to battle that). The first is that you simply outgrew it. The second is something wants you to expand your horizons. The third and the final one I will be talking about in this post is something is missing.

The first reason is that you simply outgrew it. Chances are, you need to remove something in order to make room for what is new. My good friend Static Chaos wrote about her journey with meditation, and it brings up a good point about how if something does not work for you right away, or no longer works for you, that does not mean you have to completely cut it out. As you grow, so should your path. Think of it this way, if you grow out of pants, you don’t force yourself in them nor do you give up pants altogether. You get new pants, maybe even a different style! Or, you could wear shorts instead. Either way, something replaces it.

The second reason is that you need to expand your horizons, and it can be shown in many ways. If you are feeling like everything is routine, or some methods are not working for certain things, that is a good way to know it is time to shake things up a bit. A good example is if someone is constantly using candle magic, maybe incorporate the flame in another way- like dropping the match in water or using the flame of the candle in other ways. This is not getting rid of anything, but adding on to what already exists.

Finally, something might be missing. This is when you add something that interests you into your craft. This is normally something separate, like another field you wish to incorperate. Recently, when I felt my craft needed a change, I found this was the reason and what I found was I needed to add Astrology to my craft. Going back to someone who does a lot with the element of fire, maybe now is time to work with herbs or oils. For a diviner who only does tarot, maybe now it is time to try scrying or automatic writing. Something different, but not so different you feel discouraged. Sometimes, I find myself interested in something and when I try it out, I lose interst, get fed up, or even get too busy. Those are all signs that it is not my time. When you feel lost in your craft, look back at moments similar to those and try them out again.

The way I, personally, find out what is missing or “wrong” with my craft is I sit with my tarot deck and shuffle constantly until the deck seems fed up with me, then I draw a few cards. My deck always know how to tell me what I need to know.

The most important thing I can tell you is that once you know something is off in your craft, or what you need to do, act on it. Do not hold out just because you don’t know what step to take. A step in any direction is a step in the right direction because at least you are moving. Progress does not have to be linear and neither does your craft.

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