Wiccan and Witchy Tools

This is my interpretation of these tools, their correspondences, and how to use them. This is not a guide to swear by. This is what works for my craft. No matter what, know you do not need tools to be a witch. This is meant to be a stepping stone for you to be able to find what it means to you, and find what is important to you and your practice.

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Athame – An athame is a tool used to symbolically cut or direct energy like a wand. An athame is a black-handled, double bladed knife. This tool is mainly only used in magic and spell work and is normally never used to actually cut anything. I personally would prefer a dull knife that cannot cut. However, do what you got to do and you can use a knife outside of magic and/or not even have one. The element associated with an athame is typically associated with the element of fire but may be associated with Air. In Wicca, the Athame, like a wand, is a symbol of the Horned God.
Besom- A besom is a broom which is used to sweep away energy, commonly used for cleansing purposes. This tool typically has twigs at the head instead of straw/stiff fibers. However, this is not necessary- not only because sometimes it is easier to simply buy a broom from the dollar store for this purpose, but also nobody wants to scratch up their floors. Also, if it would be difficult to explain why you have two brooms, you can use the same broom you use normally. If anything, you can just constantly be cleansing your space of negativity every time you have to sweep the floors- that doesn’t sound too bad to me. The element associated with the besom is water.

Boline – This tool is a white-handled blade and is mainly used to cut up herbs and carve into candles. Unlike an Athame, this knife actually cuts. This knife is normally blessed, cleansed, and consecrated. However, that is not always needed if you are using a knife that will not be dedicated specifically for this purpose. If This knife is a symbol of the Triple Goddess and is associated with the element of fire, like the Athame.

Cauldron – The cauldron is pretty much what you would think it is. The cauldron, in my personal practice, is corresponded to the four elements. Because the cauldron represents fertility, I correspond it to earth. It can hold incense – air, candles – fire, and water – water. Because of this, it also represents a fluid energy. The cauldron can be used for divination purposes such as scrying, and can also be used to cleanse items.

Candle – Candles are quite common in witchcraft because they can hold so much power. Connected to the element of fire, this tool is not only easy to come across, but also very valuable. Candles can be used for fire scrying as well as in spells, where the colours can be used to symbolize certain elements in the spell (with a white candle being a good substitute for all colours). The candles, however, can also be important in Wicca since many Wiccan altars have a candle to represent each the god and goddess- a  black candle being for the god and a white one being for the goddess.

Chalice –  The chalice is a goblet, mug, or up used to hold water. Used in ritual work to carry water, this chalice can be used for drinking and carrying purposes. While the chalice has many uses in spell work and rituals, the chalice has uses in divination as well. Just like the cauldron, you can use the chalice as a way to scry. This is a symbol of water and is connected to the Triple Goddess.

Pentacle – Representing the element of earth, this symbol really becomes the focal point of any spell or ritual it is involved in. The pentacle is pretty much the pentagram inside a circle, representing the infinite power the elements have when connected as one.

Wand – A wand is a tool typically used to direct power and energy, not quite the way those in Harry Potter or Wizards of Waverly Place would use their wands. A wand can be any stick, no matter the material, used and consecrated to be a wand. In my opinion, this tool can no longer be used for anything else besides a wand or for magical purposes. However, there can be some exceptions. For example, I would not use my wand to prop a door open or hold something up, but if I was a kitchen witch and my wand was a wooden spoon, then by all means, use that spoon outside of spellwork! However, I would avoid having other people use it. The element of the wand is mainly Air, but it can be fire as well.

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