Leave Me Alone – A Spell To Take Back Your Life


 Safe-Space Tags: Abuse, Toxic Behaviour, Fire/Candle Mention 

Hopefully, many of us will not need such a spell in our lives. Sadly, some of us do. This is a hex created to have an abuser in your life leave you alone, but also to promote emotional healing from the abuse. Using this spell, it should become easier for you to take back your life and find the closure you need. As always, I do not recommend only using this spell. If it is possible and safe, go get some professional help. I am fully aware that for some people it may be difficult, but as with all magic, it is important for you to mundane actions as well. 

This spell works for all toxic people in your life.

What You Will Need:
A Taglock for the toxic person and yourself (look at this post to know what a taglock is and how to get one)
A Black Candle *interchangeable with a white candle or any colour that correlates with banishing negativity
Devil Tarot Card
Six of Swords
Any Way to Personalize It

Lay your major arcana cards out in any way that suits you. I am leaving a lot of this spell up to personalization because everyone’s situation is different. I feel the lay of the cards really should come from within. I suggest the cards are set aside to the let of the candle, however, it should be personal to you so place it where you feel most comfortable with it as long as the candle’s warmth cannot reach the card. The 6 of Swords should be behind you and the Strength card should be reversed.

The candle should be directly in front of you. Once everything is set up, light the candle and meditate on your situation. Place the candle on or beside the taglock and let the warmth surround the taglock. Let the heat from the candle represent the magic it holds. Let the warmth banish the toxic energy associated with this taglock. Say “You have no power over me. I will heal and you cannot stop me. Leave me alone.”

Place your dominant hand over your taglock, and your other hand by the flame, while being careful not to hurt yourself, and feel your arms become a path for the energy of the flame to go from one hand to the other. Cleanse your taglock and speak out loud the saying: “I am allowed to heal. I am worthy of healing.” multiple times. Keep saying these words to yourself until you begin to feel overwhelmed with emotion. Grab the 6 of swords and place it over the Tower card. Now repeat multiple times, “I am allowed to rest, I am allowed to need time.” Flip over the Strength card so that it is no longer reversed and say “This does not make me weak. I am strong in my own way.” It is okay if you do not believe it right away, the point is that you will.

Now is the time to incorporate the items you have chosen to personalize this spell for you and your situation in any way you see fit. This is the time you get to be creative. If you have questions and want ideas on how to incorporate these items, feel free to let me know. Everyone’s situation is unique, so this little hex/spell should be as well!

Feel free to perform this spell as much as needed. 

Disclaimer: This spell is not intended to harm this person, but to get them to leave you alone. You cannot only rely on this spell and for everything to be fine. This is to help you succeed while using other methods such as therapy, bringing in the authorities, and so on. If you are against hexes and cursing that is fine, but I am not and will not change my mind so please don’t take that as a challenge.

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