Asking My Deck What My Magic Is Like

It is mayhem. My magic tears things apart only to put it together again in a better way. My magic is bare, honest, and demanding. My power challenges my beliefs and furthers who I am. When it comes to my magic, it is unstoppable. My magic will do what it needs to do. This does not necessarily mean that my magic is dangerous. My magic is change, power, growth, and truth. My magic represents the end and the beginning, having the ability to create and destroy, even at the same time. The powers inside of me are building up with pressure, chaos roaming inside of my body
Needing to create
Wanting to do more
For my call, to know when it is time to let go.

It is also lovely, gentle, and strong. My magic relies on the environment around me to enhance its strength. My magic knows no boundaries. My magic’s possibilities are limitless, the only barrier being myself. My magic is forever. My magic is love and life, for life. My magic is hope, security, and safety. My magic protects me, supports me. My magic enhances who I am, not create a false perception of who I am not. My magic is balance. My magic is respect. My magic uplifts others but can knock someone down if needed. My magic gives me a foundation to be my best self. My magic

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