Why I Am Against The Disclaimer “This Spell Is Tested”

Disclaimer: This is strictly my view. Other people may agree or disagree with me, but what I have to say in this post is not me speaking for other witches. This is not a call-out post, and I am not saying that people who do this are horrible people. I am against the disclaimer that the spell is tested, but not against the witch/blogger. This is why I don’t “test out” my spells for you guys (I do use them, but it is not a “test”)

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You are scrolling through Tumblr or whichever witchy forum of your choice, and you find a spell that somebody has posted to share with their followers- how nice! You read the instructions time and time again and gather all of the ingredients. This spell came to you at the perfect time!

You set up for the spell and you cast it perfectly! Congratulations! Now we are waiting for the results. Waiting, and waiting, and waiting, until you realize this spell did not work. How could it not have worked?  You followed the instructions perfectly, and this nice person tested the spell for you!

Is someone out to get you and is blocking off the spell? Maybe. Are you just a horrible witch? No. Is the spell maybe not for you? Totally possible! Is that why the spell didn’t work, then? Most likely! You can always try again, or you can try a different spell. I actually have a post here for other reasons why a spell may not work, and how to tackle these few issues. Either way, all you know is this spell did not work.

It is normal for a spell to not work. So that brings me to what this post is about- Why put the disclaimer, then?

Some people may not know this- because they only write their own spells, they’re new to witchcraft/spellcasting, or whatever the reason may be, but just because a spell works for one witch does not mean it will work for another. This is okay and normal. When someone puts time and energy into a spell, it only makes sense that the energy they put into the spell will aid in the spell working. When someone is using a spell someone else wrote, many things are now different. They did not put the energy into creating the spell which means this person has not bonded with the spell or the ingredients. When a spell calls for an ingredient, it is because the person who created the spell felt there were a need and purpose for it. However, their correspondences to that ingredient are different than yours. Even if the meaning is similar, the strength is different. An example would be if someone were to create a spell for self-love (which may or may not be coming to you guys from yours truly) and it calls for a rose quartz (wink wink, nudge nudge), that may work wonderfully for me, but another witch may wish to use a white or yellow rose instead. That being said, if that witch used the rose quartz, then the spell may not be as effective due to it.

That being said, some spells may work instantly for some people, and some it can take some time. Even though this can be well known, it is highly discouraging for a witch, especially a new one, to cast a spell which was “tested and for sure works!” It is completely okay to mention this is your personal spell, and it is from your Book of Shadows, Grimoire, or Spellbook, and that you use it all the time for these occasions. The reason why this is acceptable, in my opinion, is because it does not “guarantee” that the spell works.
But Crescent, saying that the spell was tested doesn’t mean that it is gua
It is really heavily implied.
But Crescent, what if they mean the ingredients are safe?
Then say the ingredients are safe or mention which ingredients need caution/more research prior to use.
There is no reason to put “This Spell Has Been Tested” unless the person posting the spell is trying to say that the spell will work. People will mention they use the spell, or that they are excited to use it and wanted to share it, but that does not guarantee success in this spell for everyone.

TLDR: Take pride in your spells, mention they are from your personal journal, mention that you use the spell, go on ahead, but claiming that the spell is tested makes it seem like the spell will work all the time and it really makes witches feel bad when it doesn’t, especially new witches. The first few spells are always awkward, being guaranteed success and having the spell fail just makes it even more awkward.

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