Summer-Themed (Self Care) Witchcraft

☼  Bathe In The Sun – The sun is full of energy, use that energy to energize you. The sun is very powerful and is an amazing energy source for you to use. In Tarot, the Sun is known for positivity, success, Use that to improve your life.

Connect With Water – Summer is a time many people go swimming, go to the beach, go hiking, and there is a lot of rain in some places! Now is the time to really connect with the water around you. Cleanse yourself with the water anyway that you can! Water also is connected to our emotions, so now is the perfect time for some emotional healing.

Roses – Summer is the time when all the flowers have already bloomed, and roses seem to be a popular theme in the summertime! Roses come in many colours, and in my practice, each colour represents a different aspect of love- love for a partner, friend, family, and self.  Rose water, toner, and oils can be incorporated into your craft with the intent of making these relationships healthier. Of course, you must put the effort in but it may give a good boost. Use the rose toner in your makeup routine to make every interaction more positive.

Bake! – Baking bread, cookies, pastries, anything- can be really therapeutic. Incorporate ingredients which bring happiness like chocolate or cinnamon, and enjoy! Take the time to focus on the fact that you are creating something. If you are making bread, grow as the bread rises. Take the time for things to bake to meditate.

Tasseomancy – A nice floral tea is perfect for Tasseomancy. Reading tea-leaves really allows me to deal creative, and pairing it with tarot or runes really helps. Doing so outside in the shade also helps me feel more connected to nature, and gives me motivation.

Air Out And Clean The Room – Open a window so the room isn’t stuffy. Keep the blinds open so the sun can cleanse the space. Cleaning the room with natural cleaning supplies (please do your research on what is and isn’t safe for yourself, kids, or pets!) that you make yourself can help you feel in control and for sure witchy if you bless these products with a home protection spell!

Bless Your House – The home should be a safe place, so bless your home or room so that the energy shall be positive. Have it so that the negative energy filters out to positive energy. Now is the time to really keep your space safe for you!

Read Tarot – Tarot or other forms of divination really can help me understand my situation more fully, and will help me feel more connected to myself. Tarot is a great way for me to put how I am feeling into words in a way, and it is easier for me to work it out. Asking my deck what I need to work on first personally to grow as a person really does help me know where to start analyzing myself to make myself better.

Ground and Center Yourself – Ground yourself outside, barefoot. Walking in the grass and bathing in the sun is a great way to not only ground yourself, but center yourself as well. Focus on your surroundings and live in the moment. Take a deep breath, and appreciate the small things. Of course, only be barefoot if it is safe to do so. Please do use common sense!

Popsicles – Make your own and incorporate magic with every ingredient! Water can be used for cleansing purposes and sugar can be used to sweeten up situations, but how about flavours? What does watermelon, melon, cucumber, berries, apples, what do these flavours mean to you? How can you incorporate them into these popsicles? There are many recipes online!

Disclaimer: Use common-sense, if you have any allergies do not put yourself in discomfort or danger. Everyone’s craft is different, so please do not ridicule mine. These are cute ways to take care of yourself magically in the Summer season. Enjoy the Summer season!

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