How I Prepare For Divination Readings

Everyone has their own little routine when it comes to giving readings, either formal or informal! Keep in mind, having no routine is also valid. This post will be about my routine. I will discuss how I prepare myself for a reading, as well as what I do during and after readings! Keep in mind that this my personal routine and you do not need to do what I do! This is simply what works for me, and maybe this can give you ideas!

Prior To Reading
Before, I sit down and focus on the reading, or readings, at hand. I meditate on my tools and wait until one of my tools pull me in! Normally I narrow down which method I am using such as Oracle, pendulum, energy work, scrying, tasseomancy, tarot, or Lenormand. Afterward, I narrow down on the tool!

After that, I make sure to ground and center myself and begin to set the mood. Sometimes, this involves crystals I am pulled to, tea, candles, my cloth, anything that would help me get into the vibe. This would be the ideal situation, but either way, I always cleanse my space!

During the Reading
While working on the reading, I am sure to focus. I allow myself to stay hydrated and am sure to take my time. The way I actually do the reading varies, but always be aware of the querent. Are they comfortable? Are they frustrated? Are they confused? Be sure to keep an eye out for that while staying on topic!

Since there is not much else to say on this topic without going into detail about how I actually do my readings, let us go to the final section!

After the Reading
After my reading, I cleanse myself and my space again. I make sure the other person’s energy is filtered out so I can use it to regain energy that was spent during the session. If needed, I cleanse* my tools used and be sure to thank whoever helped me in this reading- my higher self, the universe, my familiar, or my deities. When all that is done, I begin to tidy my space up.

When my space is cleaned, I also take the time to see what I need. Do I need a snack? A drink? A nap? Grounding? Centering? Whatever is needed, now is the time I give it to myself. I love relaxing and listening to music to calm down, but sometimes I need to cleanse my entire room and myself. Situations change, so be sure to be flexible!

*if you believe that the tools carry an energy and the energy from the tools are what aid in the reading, be sure to not cleanse the tool so many times to keep the energy genuine. Clean it up a bit and mainly bond with the deck for the same effect.

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