Combining Tarot and Oracle Cards


Alright, everyone! Here is going to be a quick and easy Tarot/Oracle deck combination tutorial featuring my beautiful Shadowscape deck as well as my Magical Unicorn Deck!
Disclaimer: What I am going to say in this post is primarily my own personal view of how this all works. If you do not agree, or do this in a different way, that is amazing and I am happy you found what works for you! This works for me. If you are just starting out and are looking for where to start, this post is for you. Feel free to take my information with a grain of salt and find out what works best for you!

First, I look at the decks involved in the reading, specifically the Oracle deck. I say this because Oracle cards tend to have a theme, and the theme would impact what kind of questions you would ask. For example, I would not use my dream interpretation deck to give life advice, when I have another deck which would be much more fitting (of course, some people do not mind but this is just my preference, remember that everyone does this differently). 

When choosing a tarot deck, take into account the personality of the tarot deck. Some decks are more gentle while others can be blunt. Does your deck focus on the physical, or more spiritual solutions? Some people don’t believe that their deck has a personality and if that is the case, then don’t worry much about that and focus on more what artwork you think may suit it. It is not mandatory, but it does help some people get in the right mindset of the reading. Some believe that the personality is not the deck, but the entity on the other side of the hedge who is helping you communicate. If that is the case for you, or you are using the card to communicate with the other side, be very mindful of the questions you ask. Be sure to be very respectful. If you have only one deck, do not worry so much about which deck would suit your reading best. If you believe the deck has a strong personality and it may clash with the reading, it does not mean that the deck is no good- but know to remember that when interpreting the message. Once I figure out what kind of question I am comfortable asking these two decks, I start organizing!

With Oracle cards, have it be the answer to a vague question. With my deck I am using, the question should be along the lines of “What do I need to focus on to make this situation better?” Since a lot of these cards are one-worded (and I would hope I would not get Yes, No, or Maybe but that is highly unlikely), and then once I get that card, think of what that card means. What is the meaning? What is the meaning of this card in this context? Why is it this card in this reading and not one with a similar meaning? These are questions that, in my opinion, you should ask at every reading. When done, if you would like, draw a final Oracle card for “advice” and wrap it up!

What Questions Should I Ask What Deck?
Tarot cards are more for events and lessons, in my opinion. It would be a lot easier to ask questions that can be answered in such a manner. These events/lessons can also be connected to emotions. An example of this would be the nine of cups- which tends to represent celebration. This celebration is a joyous moment and can also mean to feel proud and happy about your accomplishments. Of course, there are many other ways to view tarot so do what is comfortable for you! A good example question for tarot in this spread is “How does this situation help me grow?” or “Is there anything I should know about this situation?” I try to avoid yes/no questions with tarot, but I especially like to avoid them in spreads. This is because it is very hard for me to incorporate them into a spread and to have the reading flow nicely.

For the Oracle cards, you should more focus on the main points you want to get from this reading. Have the tarot cards support and further explain the Oracle cards! Ask the cards what the [universe/god(s)/spirit(s)] have to say to you, or what they wish to remind you. Ask the cards for the overall theme of the reading and what to focus on. As stated above, make sure that this deck fits the question. Normally any oracle deck will do unless it is specifically for one thing (like dream interpretation!) and therefore would make no sense in this particular reading.

Spread Crafting
The following spread is created by me. You are free to use this spread for personal use, but you do not have permission to use my spread for commercial use. This spread absolutely cannot be used for readings-paid or free. The only exception is that you are allowed to use this spread for yourself. If you wish to talk about your personal experience using this spread online, you must credit me as well as be sure to leave the spread itself (as in the meaning of placements) out of the post.

When it comes to making your spread, some say the position of the cards to not matter-and to a degree it does not! However, others, like myself, find it to be very important. When I create a spread, every card is placed somewhere for a reason.

So, if the Oracle card is going to be the centre of this reading then it makes sense (to me) to have the Oracle Card in the middle of your working space. This emphasizes the fact that it is the main message, and one’s eyes will be drawn to it. The tarot cards are being used to support the following message, therefore the cards will be placed below the oracle card. I placed my cards in a semi-circle formation as if it was a bowl holding my oracle card, the cards being drawn from left to right (if you are in a place who reads right to left, place the cards in that order instead). If I am adding another oracle deck as a general advice card to be left as a side note, I place it at the bottom right corner (if in a place where you read right to left., place it in the bottom left corner). I do this because, at least here, your eyes wander and read left to right- which makes this reading more smooth. The Oracle card is in the bottom right (or left if reading right to left) corner so you can emphasize it is an after-thought and is more to the side of the reading.

To know how many cards you will need, think of your questions beforehand. For this spread, I will have the first oracle card represent “What do I need to draw my attention to?” For the tarot positions, I will ask the questions “how is this supporting me?”, “how is this damaging me?” as well as “what is distracting me?” and will place the cards in a u-formation like in the photo. Finally, I will add the last oracle card which will give me general advice in terms of this information.

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