Tarot Spell – Self Growth

You Will Need:
The Hermit
Signifier Card (or item)
The Devil
The Sun
The Magician
(Optional) A white or purple candle and match


Place the cards in a horizontal line, and be sure to have all cards upright. Make sure the order is Devil, Signifier, and then the Hermit. The Sun should go above, and the Magician should go below the Signifier. If you want to Silently focus on the devil card and ask yourself why you feel a certain way. What is holding you back? Meditate on this card and the questions it presents, and then once you feel you are ready, rotate the card away from the Signifier. As you do this, state “I Will No Longer Be Held Back. I Know My Worth. May the energies in this card aid my will.”

After, focus on The Hermit. If everything went your way, how would things be? Try to be realistic here. Now, realize that you are not responsible for other people’s actions but you are of your own. Now, focus on how, on your own, you can further yourself. This can be both mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Once you are ready, say “I am responsible for myself. I am taking control of my own growth. May the energy of this card guide me to being the best me I can be.”

Embrace the energy of the sun, and know that happy times are on their way. Also, embrace the energy in the card The Magician, and invoke all the tools you need to obtain this goal using the card’s energy.

Your Spell should look like this!

If you decide to use a candle, now is the time to light it. Meditate and relax as you focus on the candle and its flame. Feel the energy radiating around you. Focus for a good ten minutes on how you can use this energy. Once you feel you are ready, stuff out the flame (or if you cant, blow the energy into the universe!) and proceed with your day. Perform this spell weekly at most!

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