Why Spells May Not Work

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You are new to witchcraft and are excited about your first spell. You did your research, performed the spell, then saw no results. You are heartbroken. You feel betrayed, lied to, confused, a bunch of negative emotions. You begin to wonder if you are just not cut out for witchcraft, or if magic simply doesn’t exist. Or maybe you have performed spells before. You cast spells and suddenly nothing is working. You start to worry- are you no longer worthy of magic? Is the universe/your deities/nature mad at you? Are you doing something wrong?

I am here to tell you that the above is not true. You are cut out for magic. Magic is real. You are worthy of magic. The universe/your god(s)/nature is not mad at you. However, you might be doing something wrong! It is, however, completely fixable!

Below I will explain not only why your spells may not be working, but how to fix it.

Disclaimer: I am not going to diss on other people’s practice. However- I am a strong believer that you should not force your belief on other people. This is my personal guide that I am sharing in order to help you find what works for you. If YOU and YOUR practice believe that “if I curse, the universe/earth/etc will be mad at me and take my powers away from me, so that is why my magic is not working,” then that is good for you. Do NOT, however, say “You cursed, so you are not allowed to do real magic and any ‘magic’ you do is now only a coincidence.” This, to me, explains why MY magic will not work. This may not be why YOUR spells may not work, but is simply a place to start.

✧・゚ Your Intent Is Not Clear- Sometimes the universe just does not quite understand what you’re trying to do. This could happen for a number of reasons. Avoid using complicated language or language you are not familiar with. If someone needs a dictionary to figure out what you are saying, or you used a thesaurus to write the spell, maybe it is not for you. Simple language works best. Maybe you are casting a spell but you are conflicted emotionally. You are unsure it is what you want. This could send mixed signals. Be clear in all ways!

✧・゚ You Do Not Believe – What I mean by this is that you are not completely invested into the spell. You are doubting yourself and, in my practice, that would greatly affect the spell. This could happen when spells in a row show no results, if you doubt yourself, or if you don’t treat it seriously. I am not saying every spell has to be really strict, but if the intent (that word will be used a lot so bear with me) is not there, then what are you doing? You are holding a crystal, or drawing a doodle, or saying a sentence. People do these things all the time, and no magic comes from it. People hold crystals all the time and never experience the crystal’s power. Why? The intent is not there. They do not believe it will work. Ask yourself why you are questioning yourself, and tackle that.

✧・゚ You Are Looking In The Wrong Places – The universe works in silly ways. Sometimes, the spell did work but now how you would expect it. An example for this could be that performed a money spell, and you were expecting a generous tip, or surprise money from friends or family, or something like that. None of that happens, but lately, you realized you have seen a lot of coins on the side of the road lately. Not what you want, but it is money! A way to fix this is to be specific with your spells. With this example, say you want more tips, and that you want your tips to be more generous. Also feel free to be specific as to where you do not want the money coming from.

✧・゚ It is unreasonable – Sorry to break it to you, but your magic will not make you taller, make your hair a different colour, cause the universe to explode, or anything like that. Magic is not like how it is in Harry Potter, or Hocus Pocus, or Halloween Town, or Sabrina the Teenage Witch, or- okay you get the picture.In my craft, I look at magic as a way to increase the probability.If the probability of it happening is already pretty high, then it is easier to enforce. The smaller the probability, the harder. So, if the probability of my hair changing suddenly is a lovely 0%, and I try to use magic for it to happen, I may increase the probability to maybe 10% max in my opinion. That means chances are it isn’t happening. Now, let us go back to tips. If your job allows tips, then chances are you have a high chance of getting tips anyways. Now, to have big tips is another thing! Chances are you are not getting a $10,000 tip (though we can wish) but a nice big tip percentage wise (Like, a $4 on a $15 bill) could be more likely with the help of magic!

✧・゚ You Are Doing Nothing – Okay, I am sure I will not be the first to tell you that no matter how many spells you cast to get a job, you will not get one if you do not put out resumes. You will not get a date if you do not put yourself out there. You will not get an A if you do not study. Magic is not passive, be active about it! You must go out into the world and do something. As stated in the point before, magic (for me)  manipulates probability!

✧・゚ You Have Too Many Ingredients – Sometimes, less is more. In an anti-anxiety spell, you do not need five ingredients that are for calmness. Narrow things down and look into your spell. What do you need? What do you not need? Do what feels right for you. Not only is keeping a small amount of ingredients more practical, it makes it more accessible as well! When narrowing it down, do your best to find out what the other attributes of your ingredients are and how they support (or hurt) your spell! This is an easy way to decide if the ingredient is worth being in that particular spell! An example is for a love spell (to attract love, not cause) I may want to include a rose quartz and roses- but to me those are two different loves. Depending on the love I wish to attract, I would make my choice!

✧・゚ Spells Are Being Canceled Out – Either you are casting too many at once, or someone is trying to stop your desired outcome from manifesting. No matter which it is, something metaphysical is stopping you from seeing your goals. The way I would recommend to fix this would be to keep your practice to yourself. Do not talk about your spells until you see results. This would stop someone from getting in your way. Cleanse your space and make sure nobody’s negativity will influence the spell poorly, not even yours. I like to envision a filter, which filters all energy into positive, usable energy. When people send bad energy your way, filter it out and make it your tool. Until you are comfortable with this method however, simply get rid of it!

✧・゚ More! – There could be other reasons your spells are not working, and this is where you use your discernment. Find out what works for you. If you notice your spells only work in a certain environment, find out what is so special about that environment compared to others! Is it the mood? The location? You decide and figure out how to get into that setting, or how to bring that setting to others!

I really hope this post helps you in any way! Please do remember that I am not saying these are the only reasons a spell may not work, this is only within my path. If you do not agree, think of this post as a look into someone else’s path (which it is!) and please do not think of it as me saying your path is wrong! You walk your path, I walk mine.

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