Disclaimer: This is what taglocks are and how they work within my craft. Take what you get from my post, and other posts, with a grain of salt. I am in no way saying this is how you must use it, or if you even need to use it. You do what is best for your craft, but feel free to use this information!

What Is A Taglock?

A taglock is an item which connects a spell to a person. This item can be abiological (such as hair, bodily fluids, or nails) or another personal object (like their name full, facebook profile, profile photo, selfie, fabric from their clothes, or even business cards).
When it comes to what you wish to use for a taglock, the more personal the better. I say this because even though the intent is important, I feel there should be no room for error. For example, taking dirt from a person’s house may affect the entire household or the landlord. Also, a group photo may not be good if you are only wishing to cast the spell on one person in that photo. Use your judgment on how you feel if the other people are cropped/cut out of the photo.

When To Use a Taglock

A taglock could be used for any sort of spell which is to be cast on someone. This person can be you or someone else. Some people say it is optional, some say it is not. In my craft, I use a taglock whenever it involved another person. This excludes when I am casting a spell to protect me from other people, but there will be times I will include it. 

Why Use A Taglock
When you are casting a spell, sometimes you do not want to risk the spell affecting someone else. This would be why you use a taglock to lock the spell onto the person/people you wish for this spell to effect. Taglocks are commonly found in curses because people do not wish to risk having the curse effect someone else. 

Where To Find A Potential Taglock
Anything personal to a person can be a taglock for them, but also keep in mind that the taglock is going to interact with the spell, so find a way to make it “fit” with what you plan on doing. If you want to feel more popular, use your social media page. Want to make someone’s social life dead? Take their profile and incorporate that. Bad or good hair day? Use their hair. Confidence? A photo of them. A sense of reality/identity, either to make more sense of it or less, use their full name. There are multiple ways of using a taglock, so there are equally as many places to look for them.

How To Use A Taglock
You can use a taglock anyway you feel comfortable. Find a way to incorporate it in the spell. Some use it as an ingredient, and some cast the spell onto the taglock in hopes that it will carry to the owner of the taglock. Either way, this is an opportunity for you to be creative with your craft. 

Does A Spell Need A Taglock?
No! Many spells do not require taglocks, but using one cannot hurt unless you use one incorrectly. 

Is Using A Taglock Dangerous?
In my opinion, not really unless you are doing a curse. The only reason for it is that is that if used incorrectly, you may accidentally curse someone else, or even yourself (so be sure to always cleanse your space and use a protection spell afterwards!)

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