Ways To Bond With Divination Tools

Many people do not bond with their tools, and that is okay! However, some people may want to get started with bonding, this can be a fun place to start! You can do one, some, all, or even none of these techniques. Find out what suits you, your schedule and needs! This post pairs well with my post on Divination tools.

  1. Sleep with your tools or keep the tools on your person –  Placing the tools under your pillow as you sleep or beside your bed is a nice way to bond with your deck. Keeping the tools on you has the same effect as sleeping near them. The tools being near you allow for the energies to sync with yours, and for your tool to get used to you.
  2. Meditate with your tool – When you meditate with your tools, you are able to connect with them. Do not only meditate with your tools- meditate on them. Feel free to even use the tool casually and meditating on the message being sent.
  3. Get to know your tool  Notice the way your tool interacts with you. Does your tool have a personality? Does your tool need a cleanse? Let the tool tell you.
  4. Use Your Hands – Get physical with your tool. Have it in your hand. Notice how it feels, the weight, the size, the shape, all of it. This is a simple way to bond with your tool.
  5. Talk to your tool – Talking to your tool may seem and feel silly at first, but it really helps build a connection. Using the tool to continue the conversation may make it easier.
  6. Ask questions – Get to know your tool and ask them questions! How do they want to be handled? In which environment do they work best?
  7. Respect and find out boundaries – This, in my opinion, is very important. Some tools do not like answering certain questions so find out what those are!
  8. Involve your tool in your self-care routine – This will help lead you to feel comfortable with the tools. It will help make the tools you are learning not feel like a chore for you if that becomes an issue.
  9. Pray – Praying with the tools can be a powerful experience. Have the tool in your hand or even use the tool to get the message of the prayer across if you are comfortable with that.

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