Divination Tools – What Are They? Are They Right For Me?

Lots of people are nervous to get started with divination because they don’t know what tool to use. They feel that divination may not be for them, or that they are not gifted enough to be a diviner. There are multiple tools and forms of divination, and it can be very overwhelming when it comes to choosing what would be best for you. This being said, this is a small guide to help you choose which type of tool for you.

Disclaimer: Know that this is my view, and it is completely fine to not agree with what I am saying in this guide. Know that this is just that – a guide. This is not a rulebook. Do what suits you- but I do hope that this helps someone who may be completely new to divination- or a form of it.


What Is A Pendulum? – A Pendulum is a divination tool that consists of a weight attached to a string. This string is held at a fixed point so that the pendulum can swing freely.
How To Calibrate A Pendulum – How I calibrate a pendulum for a reading is I make sure I am prepared to start my session and I ask three questions I know the answer to (Such as Is my Favorite Color ___? Is Today ___? Am I _ years old?) and be sure to have both yes and no answers. Once you are confident in your pendulum’s ability to answer questions and feel your energies are synced, you may now begin!
Is A Pendulum Right For Me? – Pendulums are great for people who like quick and easy answers. For questions that are yes and no would be ideal since they are easy and great for on-the-go divination, but are also great if you have a pendulum board to pair the pendulum with (This usually consists of letters and numbers in a semi-circle formation or is a circle with “Yes, no, maybe, don’t know” as options.
What Pendulum is right for me? – A pendulum does not have to be anything fancy. For the weight, I suggest it be something that you consider to be close to you. This could be a personal item of yours or a gem you feel connected to. You do not need to spend a lot of money on this, a homemade pendulum can work just as well as a store-bought one as long as you feel a genuine bond!


What Is Scrying? – Scrying is divination using a reflective surface such as a crystal ball, scrying mirror, or water. Scrying can also be done with fire and smoke. There are other methods that are also valid these are what I commonly come across.
How To Prepare To Scry? – The way I prepare for scrying is I meditate and ground myself for a bit. I make sure the tools I am using is with me and I am in a private and quiet place. I normally set a timer so I know when to stop because sometimes I lose track of time and it can be very draining for me.
Is Scrying Right For Me? – Scrying has no guidebook. When it comes to what you see and feel and experience, it is completely up to you on how you interpret it. Some people may find this freeing, but others may worry about the lack of structure.
What Scrying Tool Is Right For Me? – Scrying can be done with any reflective surface, so find what you feel connected to. If you are drawn to crystal balls and got the money for it, look at the crystals available and look at the properties of each stone. If you feel more connected to the scrying mirrors, look into those as well as even making one yourself. Another way is that if you feel drawn to an element, incorporate it with your scrying!


What Is Cartomancy? – Cartomancy is divination using cards. This consists of Oracle cards, Tarot cards, Lenormand cards, or even Playing Cards! By shuffling the deck and displaying the cards in a way the diviner is comfortable, the cards aid in divination.
How Do I Prepare For A Cartomancy Reading? – First, make sure you got your deck ready. If the deck needs cleansing, go ahead and do that. Some people need a super quiet place to be undisturbed. Others have no issue being in a room with a lot of activity. Find what suits you.
Is Cartomancy Right For Me? – Some may find cartomancy time-consuming because it takes a lot of research to know the meaning of the cards. Others say you just need to follow your intuition. It is completely fine to explore on your own and keep a cheat sheet when you start!
What Cartomancy Tool Is Right For Me? To begin, I suggest electronic tarot decks because they can be very pricey but there are many free or cheap decks as an app. For Oracle decks, I suggest looking at reviews and pick something that calls to you. These, in my opinion, are more free to interpretation than tarot but that does not make it any lesser. Any playing deck would do, and it can be a fun activity to decorate and personalize a deck!


What Is Cleromancy? – Cleromancy is Divination while casting. The most common form of this would be rune casting. Cleromancy includes bone casting and die casting. It may include other forms, but these are more common from what I see.
How Do I Prepare For A Cleromancy Reading? The way I prepare for a reading would be to get a clear place to cast my tools or to place the ones I picked. I make sure to do what I need to do in order to be ready to do a session with my tools as I would every reading.
Is Cleromancy Right For Me? – Cleromancy, in my opinion, is perfect for everyone to an extent. Casting dice is nice and fun for everyone! Of course, you can play with the different sides like a d6, d8,d12, d3, so on. Runes are not for everyone, but if you are drawn to them then there is no harm in testing it out!
What Tool Set Is Right For Me? – For dice, find something you find looks nice or make it a fun craft! Some dice sets are also made of gems, so look into that! When it comes to runes, look at the material and see what you are drawn to. Look at crystal/wood meanings and size and shape to see if this is right for you!

Note that there are more forms of divination, and you do not have to agree with what I have said. Feel free to use this as a guide if you wish to get into Divination. Some people do not feel the need to bond with their tools or prepare for reading at all. Also, just because I state that a form of divination may not be “for you” that does not mean that you cannot go ahead and try. You can do what you want! Use this guide if you want to know where to start, but this is not gospel.

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