Spring-Themed (Self Care) Witchcraft

Grow Your Own Flowers! Charm the plant so as it grows, so will your self-love, happiness, or anything you choose! Perhaps even do this to help gradually increase spoons!

Incorporate Eggs/Seeds Into Your Craft! These are a symbol of spring, and in magic is good for protection, fertility, and growth. The reason for this is that the shell protects what is inside and allows for it to grow.

Incorporate Honey in Your Meals! A Vegan alternative would be sugar. Enchant your meals using this/these ingredients in order to sweeten your day.

Cleanse Your Room/House using Sunlight! This is really good for my Spoonie witches out there, or those who are in the Woods about being a witch. The Sun’s energy is powerful and pure. Use this to drive out any negativity in your space.

Create a Besom and Use/Make It To Your Favorite Song. This is something I am literally dying to do. A besom is a Witch’s broom and is used to sweep away the negative energy. Allow yourself to be creative, and feel free to decorate it using flowers (fake flowers would be best because you can superglue it onto the broom without worrying about the flower, and the flower would not die!). It is important to keep your space clean, so if you have the time/energy, have some fun with it! It may also be a fun idea to make one for every season and decorate each accordingly. Fun DIY project.

Cleanse Yourself in A Bath. “But Cresent, Baths are so dirty!” Yeah yeah I know but baths are more relaxing and you are not necessarily cleaning yourself, you are cleansing yourself. Difference. However, this can work in a shower as well. Allow your body to embrace the energy of the water. Focus on the sound of the water swooshing (You know the sound) and allow yourself to relax. Clean your soul, and treat yourself kindly. This works with showers too if you really do not like baths, or cannot afford to waste water. While you wash, cleanse your body and soul. Also, remember that some people do not have water or this luxury, so be sure to send your thanks to the universe and maybe do something about it if you can.

Decorate Cookies and Use Flower-Shaped Cookie Cutters! This is just a really cute Idea and is great for kitchen witches. Also, Circle cookies but with flowers drawn in icing with the property you want in the spell would also be good! Bluebells, Azaleas, Daisies, and Lilacs are good for spring!

Draw flowers That Represent Your Intent and Put It On Your Phone! If you have a clear case this works perfectly, but if not take a photo and put it as your wallpaper! Kind of like a sigil, but flowers!

Flower Sigils! These are honestly so fun to make! Create a sigil with your intent and try creating the sigil in a way that it looks like a flower! Bonus points if the flower looks similar to one with the same “meaning”!

Go Outside! Try your best to go outside, maybe even meditate or ground yourself in the sunlight. It may be hard sometimes, but if you can get yourself to do so it is a rewarding experience!

A small piece of my Book of Shadows

Disclaimer: Use common-sense, if you have any allergies do not put yourself in discomfort or danger. Everyone’s craft is different, so please do not ridicule mine. These are cute ways to take care of yourself magically in the Spring season. Enjoy the Spring season!

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