Winter-Themed (Self-Care) Witchcraft

❄ Charm your Hot Cocoa to bring happiness!
❄ Add Cinnamon to your hot drinks for protection and happiness!
❄ Stir your drink clockwise to attract something and counterclockwise to banish something from your life – banish negativity and attract happiness!
❄ You know that TV channel that is a fireplace? Do your tarot readings in front of it! Focus on growth! (Don’t have that channel or have no clue what I am talking about? A youtube video will do)
❄ Light a winter-scented candle and meditate or scry with it- or both! Allow the gentle scent bring you joy.
❄ Spend some time making multiple paper snowflakes! Meditate on the differences and beauty in each one and allow yourself to have fun making them. Use the positive energy to find the beauty in yourself and your individuality.
❄ Take an ice cube and throw all that negativity inside of it. Watch he negativity in your thought process ‘melt away’ 
❄ Cookies! Decorate your cookies by drawing on happiness sigils with icing (need a sigil because you are uncomfortable making your own, message me and I will make you one for free!)
❄ Make a tiny snowman poppet outside. Whisper the spell/intention to the snowman and once the snowman is completely melted, you know the spell is in action. (Got no snow or have no patience? Carve out a snowman and burn it! You can even draw a sigil or write the main theme of the spell on it!)
❄ Oranges are good a boosting your immune system– and good to aid energy, happiness, divination, and spirit work in witchcraft. 

A small piece of my Book of Shadows

Disclaimer: Use common-sense, if you have any allergies do not put yourself in discomfort or danger. Everyone’s craft is different, so please do not ridicule mine. These are cute ways to take care of yourself magically in the winter season. Enjoy the Winter season!

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