New Moon in Capricorn – December 18, 2017

The new moon is, personally, my favourite phase of the moon. The new moon is all about new beginnings, and I am really excited to celebrate this one! While I focus on the moon phase, I also look at other factors like the sign the moon is in or the day of the week it is!

Disclaimer: This is how I see and work with the moon. 

Let’s see what this new moon has to offer:

Sign: Capricorn
A moon in Capricorn, for me, is a moon where it is time to regain control. It is a time to do things that people may not really think of. As an earth element, it is a time to really focus and ground yourself- just in time for the upcoming year!

Day: Monday
Monday is the day of the moon, which puts emphasis on the surrounding energies. Now is the time to gather insight on upcoming events, which again is very helpful for the new year!

Micro Moon
Now is a time of release, learn to let things go and focus on recovery! Not only is it a new moon, it is furthest away at this point (thus a micro-moon) which makes it a time to really “be in the dark”, but the moon is coming closer now as well as getting brighter after this period, so now is a time to watch things grow, which will be amplified because of the fact the moon is getting closer as well!

Five Divination Questions to Ask:
♥ How can I grow as a person?
♥ What am I keeping from myself?
♥ How can I let go of negative emotions?
♥ How can I ground myself at this time?
♥ What makes me feel so small? How can I overcome this?

Five Spell IdeasTo Cast:
♥ Prosperity Spells
♥ Cleansing Spells
♥ Banishment Spells
♥ Motivation Spells
♥ Protection Spells

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