Fertility and What It Means to Me As a Wiccan

Safe Space Tags: Pregnancy, Sex (I am putting this here because it is mentioned but this is not my endpoint nor do I go into detail about each of these), Long Post

So, as you know Wicca is a nature-based religion, as well as a fertility religion. However, what does that mean to me, someone who is obviously not wanting children at this point in my life? Below I will explain my view on fertility, and how it is not only about childbearing.

Disclaimer: This is my view of Wicca, and if you do not respect my view or my religion, please keep it to yourself. Also know that if you are Wiccan and do not agree with what I have to say, that is also okay!  No paths are alike. Overall, please respect my religion and path, as I do my best to respect everyone else’s. Thank you so much for your time!

Before I get into my view on fertility, let us start with what everyone may think when they first hear the word. They think of pregnancy, or how easy it is to have children. Let us now expand on this definition now. Another way we may hear the word fertility would be talking about soil. Is the soil fertile enough to have plants grow? Growth. The growth of an embryo, growth of a plant, both of these have to do with fertility. Looking in a dictionary, it says “fertile adj. 1. producing abundant vegetation or crops 2. able to conceive young or produce seed 3. productive or inventive” (Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus Second Edition, 2008). Due to Wicca also being a nature-based religion, let us now look at this from a nature point of view. Yes, childbirth is a natural thing, but so is growing in general.

So when I hear that Wicca is also a fertility religion, that is what my mind goes to. Growing. For me, there are three different stages in life for Wicca. The stages that I personally identify with is Maiden, Mother, and Crone – similar to the triple goddess. In each stage, we introduce something new to focus on. Once we enter the next stage we do not suddenly change . Once I become a Mother, I will not suddenly stop growing the way a maiden would. I would just add on to that, and grow in more ways (this does not mean I need to have/adopt children. I will expand on this in another post).

My mind is also growing. Every day my experiences impact the way I think and perceive the world around me. This is important to know, because everything, no matter how subtle, will affect this. I do whatever I can to make sure I am growing the best way, shape, and form. I try to take care of myself to make sure my mind stays fertile.

I grow every single day: in my path, the way I perceive the world, my productivity, my self-love, and so on. Personal growth is vital in my path. Every day, I make it a personal mission to better myself as a human and a Wiccan. Not only am I learning every day, I am also working on new projects and nurturing them as well as myself and others. Not only am I growing, I am watching those around me grow as well.

That is what fertility means to me.

Disclaimer: Before people bring up The Great Rite as well as the Five Fold Kiss, please know that not all wiccan paths follow those rituals. The Great Rite is seen to be very outdated. The five fold kiss, in context, has to do with life and death, thanking the god and goddess. Both of these rites are seen in mainly Gardnerian as well as Alexandrian Wicca, which is closed off unless you are initiated into one of those covens. Please do not think because of these two rituals used only in two of the many many paths (unless some other paths choose to use this) that it has to be about sex/having children.

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