The Magician – A Fool’s Journey

Image description: There is a photo of a tarot card with a male with long, blond flowing hair. He is wearing a red shawl with gold symbols, able to recognize many of the planet symbols. He is wearing a white gown, with a thick purple belt around his waist. He has a wand in his head and above him is the infinity sign. On the upper border, you can see red roses grounding. The background is a golden yellow, matching the infinity sign mentioned earlier. On the brown, wooden table in front of him, you see a cup, coin, and a sword. The “missing” minor arcana suit, the wand, is seen in his hand. Faeries watch him in awe. In black letters, the lower left corner says “Concentration and Power” and the card itself says “ I  • The Magician” on the black border of the card. Underneath it, you see the previous card, with a lavender background with a silver border. On it, you see “The Fool” on it. This represents that this journey is one to build on, not starting over in a different scenario

Step. Step. Step. As I continue to walk forward, I realize that I am doing it; I am actually doing it. In the land of unknown possibilities, I am making progress. I am no longer where I was before, and at this time I do not want to go back. I look around me to see all the tools I need to go forward. Here is where I can finally use my potential. However, the question is what do I use it for? What do I want to make of myself? What do I want to be known for? Do I want to think logically? Emotionally? Both? Do I want to be seen as strong? Gentle? Both? Maybe even all of the above. I feel like I am in a character customization screen with the ability to not only use a random generator, and everything has been unlocked. I cannot be perfect, humanity gets in the way of that. I have also learned to accept the fact that as long as I am the best I can be, there is really no need to worry about perfection. Another thing I got to remember is that while I am capable of anything, I got to build towards it. I look in the mirror, happy with what I have done.
Proud of what I have done.
To just keep going forward.

Title: The Magician – The Fool’s Journey
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© Crescent Diviner 2017
Decks Used: Shadowscape Tarot, The Witches Tarot
Safe Place Tags: Long Post, TBD

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