The Fool – A Fool’s Journey


I take a deep breath and I look forward. Today, I start on my new journey. At this point, however, I have no clue what this journey is or where it will lead me. At the edge of this cliff, my comfort zone, I stand and soak in what lies before me. The land is new, unknown. Untouched. Filled with possibility. What is holding me back? Is it the fear? Is it the fear that I will not succeed? Is it the fear I will change everything? Is it the fear of change in general? I cannot let that stop me. I cannot let the fear hold me back. This is the time that I break through. This is the time that I must let my potential flourish and bring me to where I need to be. This is the time that I must take that leap. This is the time. I look around me and I see the unfamiliar surrounding, and this time I no longer wish to turn back. What is behind me is behind me. This is the time I must take my chance and leap. Now, I am falling.
towards the unknown.
My journey begins.


Title: The Fool – The Fools Journey
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© Crescent Diviner 2017
Deck Used: Shadowscape Tarot
Image description: There is a photo of a tarot card on a white blanket. In the card, there is a woman with red hair which appears to be flowing in the wind. Doves use red string to keep her up on this tower-like cliff, being made of what appears to be creatures carved into the stone. A little fox looks up at the woman in awe. There is a watermark for “The Karmic Oracle”, a Tarot company, with approximately 50 transparency over the image. The card is labeled “0 The Fool” and to the left bottom, there are the words “Beginnings and Faith” in big black font.

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