As a cycle closes, and one begins, here are the wishes that I have for you. First, I hope you a smooth transitioning from one year to the next. I wish you satisfaction in life, and for you to accomplish all your goals. I wish for you to not look back, and to keep looking forward with your hand in mine. My second wish is for yours to come true. To find a place of happiness, calmness, and hope. As Pandora opens the box and negativity emerges, there is still hope, which she holds on to. I wish for you to have the same strength and courage, that no matter what happens, you have that hope to hold onto. May only positivity follow you into this new beginning, and for you to be blessed with harmony, faith, love, and generosity. My third wish is for you to be determined when choices occur, and for your heart to be filled with love. You deserve balance, passion, energy, and love; for you to be happy and healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically is what I want for you. My fourth wish is for you is to succeed in all you do. I want you to have confidence and be in good health. I wish you optimism, joy, and confidence. You deserve everything and more, and I wish for you to only have the best. My fifth, and not final, wish, is for you to continue moving forward, unafraid of the unknown. Your new beginnings and adventures I wish are blessed and full of lessons to promote growth. I wish for unlimited possibilities and opportunities to cross your path, and I wish for you to embrace it all.

Finally, I wish for you to stay you.

Title: Wishes
Do Not Remove Caption or Repost
© Crescent Diviner 2017
Deck Used : Shadowscape Tarot

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