Tarot Spell – Welcome to the Community

This is a spell to help newcomers to this community, or any, and really feel comfortable. Know that this spell is to boost your confidence to say hello, or to feel at home in a foreign place.

You will need

♡ten of cups – that welcoming factor
♡your favorite hot beverage, I truly mean any beverage. Your favorite way possible. If you want, check the ingredients for witchy meanings, but don’t worry about that too much. I highly suggest hot cocoa because chocolate represents happiness. (But seriously you do you)
♡signifier card – your current state
♡ace of cups – represents a new friendship
♡a sigil that is attached to the bottom of this post, also need a pen and paper to draw this
♡a white candle. Can be a tea light candle
♡match or lighter for the candle

First, think about the community at hand. Really focus on what you want out if it-experience, friends, world domination, take your pick (I’m just kidding about the world domination bit, feel free to settle with a new friend).

Now set your print of the cards to either side. The candle should be placed on top of the signifier, and the other two are placed on either side.

Stare at the flame. Focus long and hard. Find your own “keep calm” message, your inspiration. Speak (or think-you do you) clearly, make your intent know.

“As a member of the *name of community* community, I find open arms. May I find those willing to guide me, support me, watch me grow, and be a friend. May this large community not feel so lonely and cold, but welcoming with warm smiles.”

Write the name of the community onto the card printouts and positive messages about yourself and the community.

“May the flames please release this energy to the universe, who hears my plea and supports me” (saying please is only the nice thing to do.)

Burn the cards CAREFULLY (I am not responsible if you burn yourself or your house down. Be safe with fire guys, please). Write the sigil onto the signifier card, and CAREFULLY pour the wax onto the print. Once it dries and cools off, keep it in your person at all times until you feel you no longer need this.

Once you got what you want, place it in a fireproof bowl, say thanks (be kind) and set the print ablaze in the bowl safely.

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