The Psychic In Me


I asked myself “What kind of psychic am I?”

“People are around you, and as you look you see that they all have their own story. However, as you look you do not see the positive. You see the suffering, the pain, the untold stories they wish to tuck away. Do you see the story in detail? No. However, you feel it. You feel the sorrow, the tears rushing down their cheeks. The tension they felt, and you want to hug them. Tell them it is okay, you understand. Loved ones around you say you don’t get it and refuse help you offer. “Walk a mile in their shoes!” they say. You have. Now you beg to take those shoes off.

The type of psychic you are is empathetic, full of enmity. Why don’t you fight it? It would be so much easier to block it out. The thing is, you cannot. Not in the sense that you are unable to, but you don’t want to. You instead embrace it. You learn from their pain even if you may not fully understand the source. You appreciate happiness a little more, the skies get a bit more knowing you can appreciate all of life’s lessons. You are the swan, the embodiment of beauty and love. You leave your heart open to others and they walk all over it. Yet your arms stay open. The fireplace stays lit. Even if they may not ever truly know it, home is in your arms if they accept it.

Who knows, why not keep the shoes on just a tad longer?”

Title: The Psychic In Me
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© Crescent Diviner 2017
Deck Used: Shadowscape Tarot
Book Shown: The Magic Path of Intuition by Florence Scovell Shinn

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