“You Should of Just Left Me Alone” Curse Jar

So, I was thinking about the way to curse some people who are just really on my nerves, but I do not want anything too harsh. I just wish to cause some inconvenience. You know what is fun but an inconvenience at times? Glitter. So, me being me, thought “Hey! Let’s incorporate glitter into a curse!”

What you will need:

  • A small jar (with a cork lid preferably)
  • a piece of paper
  • a red pen (black will do)
  • Glitter!
  • Something that reminds you of the victim (optional)
  • Tears of your frustration, but hey, regular tap water can do.
  • a surface to do this on without glitter plaguing your living facilities.
  • A way to get glitter into said jar or container.
  • Candle! (this may be white, purple, red, or black.)

Take the paper. On one side, write the name of the person you wish to curse. On the second side, write the area in their life you wish to cause inconvenience too. This could be love, career, anything! Underneath that, write which time period you wish to do this for. If this person is being cursed for a regular thing, skip that and just write that you must shake it to activate it. Place the item which represents the person inside the jar and the paper. Now, carefully add the glitter. It is best the color corresponds to the area of inconvenience but it really does not matter. Place the cork and use the candle to wax seal it shut.

Now. To cast this curse you have to shake the jar. How hard/long you shake will be how long the inconvenience is. While making the jar state your intentions as to why this person should have left you alone, and that this curse will only affect said person – not their family and friends. State that during their time of inconvenience they will be forced to think about their past actions.

Hopefully, they will get the hint!


I want to put a disclaimer to say stay safe with magic and all that, but more importantly, I just dont want anyone who is anti-curse to give me a hard time. If you do not curse that is great if you do curse that is great. What isn’t great? Forcing your belief down someone else’s throat. Have fun and be safe!

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