The moon shows herself in phases, but she is always whole. So as her phases come and go, I work on myself. To better my self. To grow with her. No matter how many moons pass, I will never finish growing. I will never finish bettering myself. I no longer hide this part of me and carry at least one deck of cards with me wherever I go, it is a part of me. Even if at times it has been a part of me, hidden as the moon is during the first quarter, it is and always will be still there. I will now embrace it. It is who I am. And just like the moon at this time,

I will no longer hide.

I will show the world who I really am because now the right people in my life will be there to watch me be a better me. I no longer plan on hiding who I am to please others. I will not be shammed for what I love. And if they cannot understand, or if they do not wish to accept, then I kindly wish them well.

♡Title:Something I wish I knew a Long Time Ago.

♡Do Not Remove My Caption, Please!

♡Decks:Wild Unknown Tarot, Witches Tarot, and Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot.

♡ ©CrescentDiviner, 2017

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