Tarot Spell – “I Am Well”

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**Disclaimer: Magic and/or tarot is not a substitution for professional help. If you or a loved one is in danger, please do contact a professional**

You will need:

  • Nine of Swords
  • Six of Swords
  • The Sun
  • (Optional) Your favorite scented candle
  • (Optional) Paper for the sigil I will provide you
  • (Optional) something to draw the sigil with


Place the cards the way you see in the photo. Keep in mind the placement is important for this spell. The first card, Nine of Swords, here represents the negative emotions you may be feeling. You may feel stuck and powerless, and this spell will help reverse this. Then place the six of swords on top of it. This represents moving away from the storm of your mind, able to go into the calm waters. Finally, The Sun. This is the only Major Arcana card in this spell to show the emphasis of actually becoming happier. Together, This shows your journey to happiness.

Then Say:

I close the door, I will not look back
Happiness I no longer lack
The storm is gone, the sun here to stay
No longer will I be just meaningless pray
I have importance, I have heart
I shall embrace a fresh start
So for the day ahead I will be well
And I have came to the end of this spell

Here is where the optional part comes into play. Light your favorite scented candle and enjoy the scent. If you need to cry, let your tears free. Say goodbye to the feeling of sadness, and allow yourself to be well for the day ahead. When you feel ready, let yourself be filled with nothing but good intentions for the day and blow out the candle, allow the intent to be released with the extinguished flame. Also, for the sigil, keep it in your wallet, bag, shoe, or anywhere that you know you will have on you today. Maybe even take a washable non toxic marker and draw it where your sleeve will hide it!


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