Tarot Spell – Devotional

Do Not Repost Photos-Keep The Caption on all Photos-Do Not Remove  Watermark-Tarot Deck:Witches Tarot

You will need:

  • The Hanged Man
  • Any major arcana card which reminds you of the god or goddess you wish to contact


Take the time to meditate on the cards. Why have you chose the card you did? Connect with your deity. once you feel it is time, begin to say and/or ask what you wish towards to deity. The Hanged Man represents discomfort, but for a good cause. The Norse god Odin has done this for nine nights in order to acquire knowledge. For this reason, this card is in the spread. Sometimes the information given will be what you prefer to hear, but that is alright sometimes. Listen to what the god has to say, then find a way to apply it to your life the best way that suits you without twisting the words of the god.


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