A Reminder

  • Witchcraft is not a substitute for professional medical care
  • Never use a herb/plant without researching it until you know it like the back of your hand
  • This includes combining herbs together. It is like chemistry, if you have no clue what could happen if those two mix, it can be very dangerous!
  • Never harvest a plant yourself from the wild as you can easily be mistaken which can cause whole new problems
  • Witchcraft is not a substitute for professional help
  • Witchcraft is not a substitute for professional help

Seriously guys, magic is great and can help, but you should not substitute professional help with magic. Be responsible, and stay safe.

This post got spread a lot over Tumblr, and that made me proud. However, I did want to clarify some things. Witchcraft is amazing and can be an amazing way to cope with any issues you may be having, but it will not solve them. Using a coping mechanism instead of actually solving the problem is like putting a bandaid over an injury. Sometimes it helps, and nothing else needs to be done. Sometimes, it is a good way to stop it from getting worse- but should be treated immediately. Sometimes, the bandaid does nothing. Using natural remedies may work, but that is not because of magic- but science. If you are going through a hard time, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, speak to the expert in that field. Even if you wish to continue to use natural remedies, speak to a herbalist. If you are a trained and licensed therapist- you cannot give yourself therapy. This is the same for anything else.

I see a lot of the community whine how some people pray away sickness instead of seeing a doctor, but the community would do the same thing but with magic. Both help with coping, but that is not the only step to be done about the situation.

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