Tarot Spread – Next Steps

(Below the cut is an in depth explanation on how to use the spread with an example)


Start off by separating your Major Arcana from your Minor Arcana. Once you finish with that, proceed to look through your major arcana deck and pick out a card that represents where you feel you are at. I will be showing you with examples with my very own reading using this spread!

For this reading I have chosen the card The Hermit because, to me, this is a card of loneliness in your life journey, and a time to be humble. Where I want to be, I chose the Sun, a card of happiness, love, positivity, and enlightenment.

Then place them like below :


The next step will be to draw three cards.One card will be your advice to get there, the start of your journey. Be sure to focus on the HOW and not necessarily the WHERE since you got to chose the where already when you picked the second Major Arcana card.  Then there will be an obstacle card, which will show what will be in your way. This is important, and be sure to remember that just because there is an obstacle that it will be an impossible task. It is nice to be prepared for what is to come to reach that goal! Finally, the last card will be how to get around the obstacle to reach your destination. This is sort of your “plan” or advice to avoid or survive said obstacle to reach YOUR ultimate goal. 

The layout should look something like this but I mean, have fun with it!


For “how to get there”, I have gotten “Three of Cups”, my “Obstacle” is “King of Cups”, and my “Advice” is “Four of Wands”. For personal reasons I will not share with you all my interpretation of this reading since it is personal, and the cards shown are just for educational purposes. 

The point is, however, that for me, I understand what is being said within this reading. Once done, take at least five minutes to meditate on what this spread is attempting to tell you. Do not expect to reach your goal automatically, and keep in mind that you should never do something dangerous to yourself or others to achieve said goal.

Also tarot is not a form of diagnosis, and that if you feel you are in any serious danger, contact a professional immediately.  

And just like that, you have gotten yourself a pretty cool in-depth reading to help you get from point A to point B!

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