Getting To Know Your New Deck

So you have a new deck, and you wish to know how the relationship between the two of you will work out. Many diviners believe that each deck has it’s own personality, and some do not. Either way, bonding with the cards beforehand is never a bad idea!

The way I first bond with my deck is I look through it and take my time looking at the images. After I do that I note my first impression on the deck, my thoughts and how I felt. Then I put it back in it’s case and at night I sleep with it under my pillow. In the morning, I wake up, and prepare for my first ever reading using the deck! Of course you can skip the whole sleep with it under your pillow business because hey do it the way you want to

Obviously, it is wise to become familiar with the card meanings first, but if you prefer to learn as you go that is totally okay! Start with simple things like Card of the Day, and then work from there. Do not worry about not being exact with the companion book! The book is only a guideline but it is how the cards speak to you that matters! This being said, Each time you see that card, notice what you feel. An awesome method I have read when it came to reading a card is imagine yourself within that scene. What do you see? What do you feel? Why do you feel this way? Take note on your answers and maybe even right them down. 

Once you begin to feel more confident, try more cards! Start with two and see how the two cards connect, and then expand from there until you feel comfortable! Learning to connect cards and create spreads is most definitely going to be a lesson. Join my class here  

Other ways to bond with your deck is to deep it in your purse as you go out so it can walk with you! I only recommend this if you have a case for your cards so they do not get ruined! Also, maybe try having a cloth for the readings so that it is easier to get into the mood, however it is entirely optional! Many use it just to keep the cards clean! It is entirely optional and anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. 

Another cool way to do this is to go through the ENTIRE deck within 78 days! That’s right, one card per day! That is the time to really focus on that one card and bond with it- the good and the bad. Take notes as the day progresses when you think of that card. Look at the artwork on the deck and I will say this again if you ask ten tarot readers to read you a certain card, you will get ten different readings and you know what? They are all right! Feel confident in yourself on your journey!

If you are super into the idea that each deck has a personality here is a spread I will attach for you to use! 

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