Tarot For Beginners – Some Tips

So you want to get into tarot, or want to start back at square one because hey, even the most talented readers need to go back to basics now and then!

Below are some tips to getting new readers on their feet!

1. Getting your Deck

  • Do not believe that your first deck has to be gifted or stolen! If this was the case many tarot readers would of struggled getting their deck!
  • Get a deck that speaks to you! Do not feel that you must get the Rider Waite deck. Get whichever deck you connect to most!
  • Cannot afford one and/or feel like family is not supportive and won’t help out? Get yourself an app. Who says it isn’t good practice?
  • Do not, please DO NOT get your first deck based off of some fandom you are in unless the cards actually hold meaning to you! For example, does the person on The Fool fit the disctription of the card? If not, and it is mainly for looks, try not to get it as your first deck. At least in my opinion.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

  • Free readings are awesome ways to get practice! However avoid anon questions until you feel comfortable. 
  • Do not feel like you are not a “Real” tarot reader because you do not read everyday! Some people are busy, I get it! Don’t be too hard on yourself!
  • Study the cards as much as possible! Use your own interpretation and what best suits your reading style! Remember, if I have the same cards spread out before ten tarot readers I will get ten different readings! Feel free to double check your interpretations with a cheat sheet!
  • Q-Cards are your best friend! Make your own to help study them on your spare time!
  • Read for yourself and friends! Seeing the cards in action really do help!
  • Confidence in yourself does wonders! Believe in yourself!

3. Other Tips

  • Lessons are great but not mandatory!
  • Best way to get a good interpretation in my opinion is to picture yourself in the card. What do you see? What do you feel? What does the card tell you in that sense? 
  • If you are into witchcraft, try using a sigil to help promote the thought of practicing and learning, or use crystals like amethyst to help with divination!
  • Never be afraid to ask for a second opinion! Almost anyone is willing to answer questions if you ask nicely.
  • Google is your best friend. Really. Google questions, but if confused see tip above
  • Make your own spreads! I will make a post about how to make a spread shortly
  • Never NEVER doubt yourself. If you feel uncomfortable about a certain interpretation, think to yourself how it makes sense. Look at the card, see if there is a “hidden” message for this occurrence.
  • Does a card constantly pop up? That may be a stalker card. Pay extra close attention to this card, and later meditate on it. Why does it keep popping up? 

Add more if you feel like there is more to be said! I am always open for questions!

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