Witchcraft for Beginners

So you found your way here. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Witch who would like another perspective. This post will explain witchcraft in ways that beginners can understand. 

Keep in mind that this is my view on witchcraft, thus other people may have different views. This is not the only way, nor necessarily “the right way”. I respect your choices within your craft, please do respect mine.

So you want to be a witch?

First step is to identify as it. I do not mean to go out and buy a bunch of “witchy” accessories or spend all your money on tools you “absolutely need” trust me on this you do not need any of it save your money. I mean to look in the mirror and say “I am a Witch.” Your second step is to do research. Be aware that there are many different types of witches, so do not feel stuck in one of them. Feel free to create your own craft which I will give more detail on in another post or find one that suits you and your needs. If you are religious, make sure they do not clash. 

If you want to work with deities, make sure you do your research. Which deities will clash? If you choose two from different cultures, for example, the Christian God and Persephone, make sure both are okay with this. (In this case, no. I say this because in the Bible the Judeo-Christian god states that he wishes to be worshiped alone and that he is the only one god). If you cannot find something as plain and obvious as that, ask. Seriously. Even if it is as casual as “Hey, ___. I was wondering on your thoughts on me worshiping you as well as _____. What are your thoughts? Please send me a sign.” which may be a dream or something else. Also, it is completely fine to only worship one deity. 


If you do not wish to work with deities, awesome! You don’t gotta.  

So now that you got that out of the way, how to you carry it out? The best way to proceed in my opinion is to begin finding out what you want to use in your witchcraft. For example, I work with Hedge work, Divination, Elements, as well as Literacy. I do this because I am comfortable with it, and it comes to ease. Most importantly, I ENJOY IT. That is honestly all the justification you need. Enjoy it. 

Now that you settled that, now lets focus on The Tools. I know I said earlier you do not need it, but lets say you want them. Your heart is set. Here is a tip. Go to the dollar store, get some clay. make it yourself. Buy a cheep chalice at the dollar store (Wait around October for really cool Halloween ones, or get a clear one and decorate it to your liking!), and do things yourself and charge them afterwards. Don’t worry about your Atheme not being sharp- it isn’t suppose to cut anything anyways.

Another Point is protection. It is not a joke. Magic is serious stuff. Do not get into this stuff to joke around. Have fun all you want but please be safe about it. Salt is an amazing “cure all” for protection, and be sure to cleanse your space. This can be done in many ways as shown below.


This is a simple one if you are good with visualization. Imagine a soft white or gold light growing stronger and stronger with each deep breaths. Allow the light to bathe the entire room thoroughly and take  your time. Imagine the darkness slowly fading away into the light. That’s all. Great for those who struggle with motivation. I will also make a post on this as well!!

Salt Water

What you will need is

  • A spray bottle
  • Water (rain water preferred, however tap is fine)
  • Salt (Black salt is great but any other salt is good as well)

Put the water inside the spray bottle and the salt and shake it with the intention to cleanse. **OPTIONAL: Charge the spray bottle and water any way you please if you would like. As long as the water or bottle has not been used directly for anything else cleansing should not be necessary but to be safe feel free too** Proceed to spray the corners, door frames, handles, and window ledges to cleanse your house.

A Spell

There are many spells out there for cleansing your home or space. If you cannot find one that works for you feel free to make one yourself! Feel free to use this post here to learn how to make your own the way I do!

Okay. but now what?

Use your judgment! Practice safely, and see what you enjoy! Do not be fooled by every experienced Witch-sometimes they do not know! I mainly work with Divination, and more Hedge work. I wish to get into Chaos magic, but until I do I won’t be able to answer any of those questions and that’s okay! Focusing on one thing doesn’t make you less of a witch!

And Finally:

Have fun! This is not suppose to be a chore. Be happy with your craft. Be safe, be kind.

As you go down the path you will realize more things become important. That’s okay. Witchcraft can be complicated to understand since there is so many crafts. Do what you feel comfortable with!

Remember to:

  1. Research what you wish to know, use MULTIPLE sources.
  2. Know it’s okay if it is not for you, go on to a new craft!
  3. ALWAYS be safe!
  4. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EEVVVEEERRRRR disrespect someone’s craft. Who cares if you don’t agree with it? They are not shoving it down your throat. Mind your own business and do what you’re comfortable with.
  5. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER shove your craft down someone’s throat. It’s rude and disrespectful. 
  6. Always know what you are dealing with BEFORE getting yourself into something. Refer to Question One!
  7. If you do not feel comfortable with something, Stop. Listen to your gut about something. Even if you did the thing millions of times do not do the thing unless you feel completely comfortable with it. 

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